Rose colored me


A Renaissance Glow is about a new beginning in life; to one-day wake up realizing I was unhappy as the checklist I had completed for happiness {Degree, House, Marriage, Dog, Blonde Highlights} ended up being a recipe for hard lessons lived. I wrote a poem, Zombie, one I could not ignore once my little girl entered the world. It is hard enough taking care of oneself; let alone raising an adult-to-be. She helped me realize none of us know what the hell we’re doing, but we’re still here doing it, the best we can. Soon after, a story kept surfacing in my mind, one about a female angel and a human boy {Glow}, the simple act of taking that leap of faith, resulted in me finally crossing the threshold in finding my happily ever after as I learned to set my heart free, choosing love, choosing to slay the dragon of resistance and write; just write, write, write. They say one of the most interesting things about ourselves is the story we’re living and in living through such, the journey, we then reach out and greet one another with our flax-woven tales to feel as if not alone, to share in the colorful human experience, to share in truth, in little white lies, in cake, as well as in the discovery of ourselves and the world around; the things that make us tick. The I am.

…I am a woman, a little girl, I’m the softness of my locks, I’m the curve of my hips, my dimples when I smile, the creases forming around my eyes from smiling so much, I am the stretch in my muscles as I dance, I am the dance and the dance me, I’m a mother, I’m a divorcee, I’m a clinical pharmacist, I’m an aspiring writer, I’m a divine feminine promoter, I’m love and light, I am spirit in physicality, I’m a crystalline tear and the flutter of laughter, I’m the blush that slowly spreads when I’m embarrassed, I am a special kind of pretty, I’m empathic, I’m psychic, I’m a bright constellation of my hopes and dreams, I’m a wisher, a prayer, I’m a storyteller as I weave my golden tales … I am water, my mass, DNA and RNA, cytoplasm, tissues, organs and cells, I am my atoms, I am the space between, I am my aura/my emotions/my thoughts, I am the byproduct of my soul’s expression.. and as I navigate my path, just like the keys of this laptop shall be forever imprinted with my fingertips, my unique expression.. so too is this special being imprinted with the snow flake pattern of my soul… unfolding as I speak, type, think and express…


I am enough