Mars and I with pastel candy colored hair.

I’ve known the title of my final post for awhile now. Why it’s taken me so long doesn’t matter so much as now, when I feel the final nudge, I’m bidding adieu to this space. I came here in 2012 looking for a place to land, write and share a few stories. It bloomed into a way to meet folks and allow my words to float into the ether for whomever they delight.

As with change, I’ve bloomed and transformed to the point that it’s time to move on and along. You can always find me at or on Instagram as Kristy_Maffit.

A few years back Mars and I attended The Holy Shift Tour with Rob Bell. Mars wore a favorite monkey shirt and fell asleep on my lap as the talk went late. I wondered if I was a bad mother bringing someone so young along. I shook the feeling away as while there are many things I question, parenting isn’t one of them. It’s not because I believe I’m a perfect parent, that doesn’t exist, but I trust my parenting. Don’t be jealous, I have other things I struggle with: Commitment, baking, and keeping houseplants alive are the top three I’m toiling with lately. 

I brought Mars along as I purchased four tickets. Two were used by some friends and rather than let the fourth ticket go unused, I asked her if she wanted to go. Mars was game. She was only 10 years old but had started attending a Catholic School (at her request) so I thought she might like hearing a different spiritual perspective. 

Rob didn’t disappoint. He talked about various fun facts that Marlie found humorous and recited to me instead of the deeper aspects when I asked her about it the next morning.  Maybe the spiritual was more difficult to suss out amidst the random bits about spiders knees and the accumulation of gas from cows.

A few months later after filling my car up with fuel, I was trying to drive out of Costco but there were so many cars I mumbled about all the traffic. Marlie said, “just like San Francisco.” I chuckled and asked her how she knew. Without skipping a beat she said, “Because I’ve been there.” I nodded my head and said, “No you haven’t sweetie.” I grinned at her assuredness recalling her recent trip to San Diego with her dad. “Yes, mama, I’ve been to the beach.” She insisted, shaking her head, her short blonde curls bouncing. “You have been to the beach but it was San Diego. San Francisco isn’t quite as warm but both are in California.” I chuckled. “Oh, right!” She slapped her forehead then giggled. I kept laughing deep belly laughs with tears in my eyes, the kind of release that lets it all go. After a bit, I thanked her for the much-needed laughs.

“Draw a circle around it mama.”  She said. I looked in the review mirror and asked her what she meant. “You know, like at that talk where the guy said that we need to draw circles around moments in our life because they’re holy…he said a word, but I don’t remember it.” 

“Kadosh, kiddo. The word is kadosh and you’re absolutely correct. This moment is holy.” I was floored. Here I thought she would only remember the funny facts, but she had actually absorbed the key theme.

Every moment, everything and everyone is holy. The great lie is us believing it exists outside of us when infact the Divine abides within each of us and in the all within the all. Draw a circle around it and connect with the truth that even this moment now, this breath of life…is holy.

This holiness connects us all.

My ten year old daughter got it. 

I’m circling this blog as it’s holy. You’re holy. Our stories, connections and expressions are holy. Everything is holy, which isn’t something we’re necessarily taught. For 10 years I’ve written and shared here. I started it on a whim. It’s been through various name changes and associated domains. And now it’s time to circle back here and really bow to the experience of A Renaissance Glow.

I’m working on many projects like: The Glow Program – a method I’ve developed to help others with the language of soul, the presence of angels and how to tap into the divine…the divinity that abides within each of us. I’m finishing Glow, the novel that guided me on my spiritual journey and now that I’ve lived into the soul transformations, I’m guiding Glow home.

We’re all on paths that lead to home. Home to soul, home to the Divine… home to whole.

I’ll leave the light on for you.

May your choices be your ladder to the stars. And may you be a bright constellation of all your hopes and dreams.