Hi friends! I’ve created a podcast, SoulDipped, to bring my storytelling even closer to you, the reader now listener!


What is it about? The Soul. Perhaps the even better question is what is soul? Now that’s quite the question that many have tried to answer before. I feel the best answer is that we know what it’s not. It’s not the same as our heart or brain or cells. It’s nonphysical and yet dwells within each of us.


You may wonder, “can it help me in my modern bustling life? Will it make me money? Will it truly guide? Can I trust it? How do I know it’s soul and not some nefarious force wanting to take me down?”


What if I told you, “who the eff knows?” But stick with me and I’ll share my beliefs, my journey, and why I came to believe an authentic practice connecting in will help you flourish in life.


It’s a connection we’ve each had since the beginning of our unique lifetime. And as our species evolved so, too, has our ability to understand it better.


Gone are the sky gods-those who rule with storms and retribution. They’ve been replaced with meteorology tandem to the knowing we’re responsible for our own actions. The actions of the cosmos can be understood and somewhat explained, yet we still don’t collectively understand how it all fits together.


Perhaps that’s the point.


Perhaps that mystery drives our curiosity and imagination to know ourselves and cosmic expression as soul.


Not knowing it all fully applies to soul, too. For what else keeps us seeking, open and humbly allowing its flow to unfold as we each live delight into the life we’ve wanted to live. Finally.


What that life looks like may differ from what you thought you wanted until you lived into what you needed; what wanted to live through you- a beautiful rich inner life flowing through you. Your GLOWmind connected in wholeness with your mind and consciousness.


In SoulDipped I take you on my journey from the moment my mind cracked open and I began connecting with my soul, up until now. It was a simple act finally sitting down to write the story that wanted to be told, Glow. It took a few nudges from the universe before I paid attention. Once I did, I found myself much like Alice in Wonderland as I followed soul down the rabbit hole, abandoning how I thought reality worked, for the renewed eyes of wonder and body of hope.


It wasn’t always easy, following this path. My old self would question almost daily why I took my life and upended it. But the truth is that when I sat down to write I touched on such a deep truth within me, my life ripped in consequence.


That was about 10 years ago, I’m on the final stretch finishing that novel. While it doesn’t have to take a decade to write a book, writing the book was part of my becoming. Becoming the woman I was meant to be, the writer I never knew I wanted to be and the mystic who sees through to where the magic meets mundane.


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