“I’m an introvert and an Aries,” I said only to be met with silence. “Are you there?” I asked.


“Yes, I’m here,” he paused for a moment, “You really going to let the stars dictate who you are?”


“Wait a sec—“ I said.


“Nah, it’s okay,” he chuckled. “I’m just giving you shit.” We’ve had this convo before, only we’d never delved into the deep of why I say such things. Regardless, I loved hearing his voice and laugh. I missed it and him. There doesn’t seem to be enough genuine chuckles during this pandemic. Just social media memes about how we should all feel and accomplish, or not accomplish, during this forced home time.


I hate being told what to do or how to feel. 


“Let me put it this way, I regenerate my energy when I’m alone, but during this pandemic I’m getting restless. As for Aries, I’m impulsive, physical, and passionate (read: stubborn).” I clarified.


The truth is I don’t remember how he responded but we went on to talk about Marvel comics and the movies as he’s about the watch them all, chronologically, with his family. I had heard of this phenomenon but haven’t taken it on…yet.


Marvel is a world of universes created based on archetypes, it’s played out in colorful comic books or adapted to the big screen.


Marvel can also mean to be filled with wonder and astonishment. Now that’s a word I can get behind.


Language is a shared construct. It’s agreed upon by a group of people but only has meaning for those who lend credence to the ideas or beliefs behind the words, or labels, that describe.


For my friend, he doesn’t believe in astrology, which is totally cool with me. I’m going to save that conversation for another time mainly because what we believe is ours and ours alone. I used that language as for some, it wouldn’t require any further explanation for they’d understand what I meant. But as Chas pointed out, he didn’t know, nor did he believe in those descriptions.


Here’s the thing with language: it comes from somewhere and is symbolic for what it’s trying to convey. From the most rudimentary written forms used by the Sumerians to Egyptian hieroglyphs to Latin and maths (also a symbolic system) it’s all representative of something else.


In the graphic above I’m sharing what I like to call: The GlowMind. We each have our mind, but the GlowMind is a different source of language. It’s not one that we learn but are given inherently and connect with from birth. It’s not knowledge, but a way of knowing. Just like the image of the sun flowing through the darkened tree tops, illuminating all in it’s path, so too, GlowMind helps you see the forest through the trees with the experience you’re really living.


Or not living.


GlowMind has it’s own language. It’s one that has often been scribed on scrolls once buried now found or meticulously transcribed generation after generations becoming the various doctrines religions or spiritual beliefs. In some cultures, it’s an oral tradition that passes this language along. Regardless, it exists outside what we generally understand to be language. It often uses pictures or single words to convey meaning.


Years back I began to study this part of my mind that could communicate with a single punch versus the, often verbose, nature of my egoic (monkey) mind. I sought out those who communed with such as I didn’t understand it nor was I truly comfortable using it. I’ve been straddling both worlds for some time: logic and spirit, mind and GlowMind. But if I’m honest, I live from my GlowMind. I execute its guidance with my mind.


I like to tell stories, so here goes.


One late summer day I found myself in a room that invited so much space and grace that I could set my skepticism aside and open to what was wanting to live through me. Ann had the window open and the cool breeze billowed the sheer white curtains. Lavender oil scented the air and crystals lined her little side table. I plopped facedown on the massage table, about to close my eyes and open up. I’d often have internal dialogue about why I found myself here, in the moment, entertaining such. My old scientific mind couldn’t process why I’d even believe. Yet, I’d been living from this newly discovered side for a few years and found that somehow, a part within me, knew and guided with a language I didn’t understand as easily. I always took things literally rather than symbolically. I came here with Ann to foster that connection. After tracing the bread crumbs in my mind to why I’m with an energy healer who communed with angels, I placed my face in the little circle knowing that no matter how carefully I placed my cheeks, my mascara would smudge. I know, a mundane thought, but it’s the truth. I closed my eyes anyway and slowed my breath. I don’t remember everything from that session, but something that did come through that I’ve brought with me years later. I remember seeing the image of myself swimming furiously in a golden stream. I was tired, weak and battling the elements. Then the picture flipped on its own. Now, and this is important, I didn’t consciously flip it. It flipped on its own and I suddenly saw myself turned over on my back, floating. I instantly knew what was conveyed. “Go with the flow. Float.”


One single image held quite the impact in my life. It’s a kernel of truth that can explain GlowMind in how I’d like to convey it. It’s not about furiously living life at a frenetic pace, but opening up with the inner part of yourself that is connected to a flow that can help you flip over and float your way through life. I want to state that this doesn’t mean that life is just easy peasy lemon squeezy. What it does, is align you with an undercurrent that when tapped into brings you all the people, places, and things meant for an authentic life lived by you.


It’s a language that glows in your GlowMind. It’s felt, it’s symbolic and we ALL have access to it.  It just takes a bit of time to understand and open to what is being communicated. The good news: I’ve been listening to it for a lifetime. There is no bad news, other than you always have a choice, with this, in your life. You can choose to listen or turn away and tune out.


As for the stars dictating who I am? Oh hell no! I choose that. Day-by-day as I decide who I am as I show up, all-in holding my own space and grace for the spark of life as it desires to live through me.