If you had told me that this would be my life a decade ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. I became a mother, dramatically changed jobs, started writing a novel, and filed for divorce all around 10 years ago. One action flowed into the next and into the next and it’s been me riding that flow ever since. I can look back now and see how it was all meant to be. But living the moments, the dark days and endless weeks where I didn’t know if I’d ever find my way, there were times I was ready to fold back into my old life as the old me.


I remember the fear + the courage to finally show up in my life as me, the me underneath it all. To then take that self-knowing and cultivate a life, relationship with others and myself that centered around this core of true self. Every action then is a ripple, an aligned truth with who I am and why I’m here. And I’m ready to radiate Radiance.


The novel I started writing, Glow, the one that took me becoming the woman who could finish it, knowing that it wouldn’t be ready for the next steps until I had completed the journey necessary to bring this story to the hearts and souls of many, well, I sent Glow into my editor today: 1.20.2020 (love those divine numbers) to begin the process of getting it published. It definitely doesn’t need to take a decade to write a book. But this is more than a book.


This is a journey I’ve been on and now, only now, is Glow ready to be bound and shared with others. It’s a story of Angels, Fallen Angels, the human story, Earth, and the Divine connection we each have access to. At the heart of the story are two angels: Luxiel and Noxiel and we follow their story as they diverge on their own destiny only to come back together when it’s time. Some things are worth the wait.


2019 was filled with many pivotal moments: I published Forty Mornings, I start personal training to finally heal trauma as I connected in with my body tandem to building strength as I felt sovereign in my body. I fell in love, deeply, without even realizing it until it surfaced with such blinding clarity that I resisted.


2020 started with me owning that love in such a brave and vulnerable way, it’s set a tone for this year. To stare into the baby blues of the one you love and know that there are no guarantees yet proceed anyway that’s priceless and something I carry it with me still. That’s vision 2020.