Glow 2.0




This is a quick post to say: Believe in your dreams. Believe in yourself. Believe in what wants to come to and through you. Truly, madly, deeply, believe with your whole being.


I honestly don’t believe in lofty purposes. I feel it’s actually quite simple: Our purpose is for each of us to be our self. But the catch is, in being yourself, you then tap into this pulse of the divine, spirit, universe, _______ (you fill in the blank) as it wants to live through you. You don’t hold back, you don’t get in your way, you don’t wait for assurances, but act in faith and the desire to devote to the pulse as it’s beating within your heart to be known, to be seen, and to be who you were created to be.


We can grow up and lose touch with those precious moments where we know why we’re here as we feel it deep within our bones as we embody an expression that is more true than the name written on our birth certificate.


This is my wish to you, that you return to the you before you knew yourself and create from, love from, and be that soul in bloom. 


I’ve been diligently working on my novel, Glow, this summer. And it finally came together these past few weeks in quite a beautiful way. Not only have I finished weaving the twin narratives together, but I felt the nudge to create a mock cover by snapping a pic of the wooden angel wings that hang in my living room and add a few golden words to bring this dream into a tangible reality. I then saved my draft to an ePub file so that while on my up-coming vacation, I can read it from beginning to end on my iPad (rather than print it all off) and let the story soak back into my bones from the outside in.


It takes work to excavate the story as it wants to be told. This has been a decade labor of love, soul work, and devotion. I’m going to claim it now, but it’s likely the cornerstone of all the things that will come from me from here on out. Writing this story was a tandem journey to me finding myself, my true self, and letting her live on the outside rather than sidelined by my fears, doubts, and ego. There are still many revisions to be made, editing, formatting, finding an agent etc., but I’m taking a moment now to pause and reflect on all that has happened in the past 10 years. It’s been quite the adventure.


As some new doors open, I see myself closing others that are no longer healthy to keep open. My light is shifting as I cast the afterglow in another direction.  I know what I desire in life, I know what I deserve and I’m ready to live the life that wants to flow to and through me.


This is my Glow 2.0