Well, I did it!! I published my first book and it’s available for purchase here! I can’t believe this day has finally come plus it’s all happening on my birthday, which is also National Unicorn Day. Coincidence? I think not!


Well, I did have a hand in aligning my book launch and my birthday. National Unicorn Day, however, is what I like to call Divine Timing because I am a unicorn too. You can read my post about that here.


I’ve pondered the best way to share Forty Mornings with you all and felt that an excerpt from the book would be a good primer.






Hi, friends! This is the part of the book where I tell you what to expect from reading it and why you should buy it. You want a promise for results, transformation, and realized dreams.


What a loaded promise!


Here’s the thing: It’s my sincerest wish that you do find yourself living into and embodying all of those. However, I promise no BS. And in promising no BS, I have to be completely honest that I’ve wanted those same things from self-help authors, personal development motivators, and spiritual transformers before. I held so many expectations without realizing that there is one crucial factor that no one else can supply. The fact is that YOU alone hold the key to your dreams, transformations, and aspirations.


I can guide you to the path—the very one I’ve trod over the past decade. I can provide principles and guideposts, but it is you and you alone who take the steps. You who show up, read, and let the words settle while the meaning tunnels to your depths as you move through each day.


Don’t get me wrong—I’ll be here encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting you as you embark on this journey. But the outcome rests upon your shoulders. It’s not meant to be a weight but liberation from the weight of waiting for others to manifest for you what you desire.


The truth is you already have all that you need within to bring forth all the miracles and magic by simply being yourself. It’s not about who you need to become but who you already are beneath all the layers of doubts, disbelief, and discontent.


I’ve taken this journey within, and I hope to ignite the same within you.


The question that matters now is this: What would happen if you set the intention to show up daily for 40 mornings, ready to dive within, and connect with your intuitive self?


Forty Mornings was born from my desire to help others connect with their intuition and inner GPS. I believe there’s a part of ourselves that speaks through intuitive nudges, synchronicities, and resonance. This self holds the key to unlocking our greatest desires, dreams, and creative aspirations.


Whatever calls to be expressed from your soul.


I believe this because I’ve experienced this.


Forty Mornings is about beginning this relationship with your inner self as you seek to change and transform your outer self, flowing and growing into anything that calls to your soul.


We each have a voice that whispers, nudges, and puts exactly what is needed at the time on our path. It’s always there, and it’s our choice to either pay attention or pass it off as coincidence or wishful thinking rather than intuition and guidance.


I’ve learned to trust that voice and inner guidance as it’s born of a more expansive knowing than when looking at the cards I already hold.


The thing is, intuition is important. But first, you need to give yourself the space and time— even if but five minutes—to set the stage for your inner GPS to kick in as you connect to this often buried part of yourself.


Don’t have the time you say? I hear you. I’m a single mother who works full-time as a pharmacist informaticist with a healthy morning and evening commute. This is why I stand on the opposite spectrum of massive action. I believe in aligned action. Inspired action. This action is born from a greater knowing than throwing everything at the target hoping one of the arrows hits its mark.


As for not enough time . . .


We live in a bustling world. Our phones are mini computers that chime and sound with each news alert, FB message, or Instagram like. We can check into our flights, read our email, or FaceTime with family and friends halfway across the world. But even with this attention-zapping, double-edged sword of amazing technology, we can’t truly buy more time.


What we can do is be intentional with the time we have. We can sit down and figure out what truly is a priority, moving the necessities with the niceties around this core need—understanding our calling and unearthing our wholeness.


This is where Forty Mornings comes in. You’re beginning a relationship with this other part of yourself and setting the intention to show up and bring forth what surfaces. It’s a path intended to help you grow and expand into the creative, beautiful expression of your soul—the wholeness that you already are.


Are you down for this? Are you ready to set aside your preconceived notions and get real and raw with yourself? Are you ready to come home to your soul?


I wholeheartedly hope so! Click here to purchase your copy and being your Forty Mornings Quest.


If you buy my book and feel so inclined, please leave a review on Amazon as that helps with ranking as well as positions it to be suggested to others. I would be forever grateful and, as my daughter often says, “You’ll be blessed by unicorns.”