I wrote a book! Really!! It’s titled Forty Mornings and it began here with the first blog post detailing an email series I’d be championing. I wrote 40 consecutive emails that flowed into the inboxes of about 30 folks who signed up. You can read what I wrote about it here.




It wasn’t a conscious idea. What I mean is that I didn’t sit at my computer and strategize what I should share with others. Instead, the idea came knocking on my door. Well, truth be told, it came to me during a shower. I was on vacation and I saw the words “Forty Mornings” in my mind’s eye. I immediately created an image using a surise photo from a recent trip to Tulum, Mexico and used the app WordSwag, to add the text: Forty Mornings. I like to make tangibles for the ideas flowing around in my head. An anchor so to speak. I also like to play with the light and its symbolism, hence the sunrise photo ;).


It astonishes me to think that I wrote the book in 40 days. Granted, it’s not a novel or memoir so there is no defined literary structure needed. It’s part inspiration, part encouragement, and part storytelling. But it was fun and ease-filled.


While it was quick to write, it took 365 + days to believe it was a book. Man alive, our doubts can sure get in the way. I couldn’t help but think: “it can’t be that easy!” Then came the, “who would even read it?” or “who am I to share this?” But I’ve worked slowly over the past few months to get it ready and with the help of my mentor and soul sister, Marnie McDermott, to flow through and sync with my own soul and bring this to book to the light. I bought the artwork for the cover almost a year ago from a local artist, Rachael Rice. Synchronistically, she’s the one who shared the Rumi Quote on Instagram that inspired me.



From there I joined Self-Publishing School and how I was led to Chandler Bolt, the school’s founder, is a story in-and-of-itself. Then I flowed to an editor, Brooke Bohinc, and formatter, Glenn at Sarco Press. It’s been quite the process and I’ve learned a ton. But mostly, I’m just so thankful to be in the home stretch. I started another book, Glow, years ago and always thought it would be my first book. But Forty Mornings persisted, and edged out the one that started my journey. You learn how Glow propelled me from my old life into the new one I’ve been living into as I came home to my soul.


I will be sharing more details soon, but I’m writing now as since it’s self-published I’m looking for folks interested in helping me out with my Launch Team. I’m looking for a few highly motivated folks, who feel aligned with this, to read advanced copies and then help me bring Forty Mornings to others through word-of-mouth or sharing on social media. If you’re interested, please comment below and I’ll be in touch. 


This is the back copy and helps dial in just what I’m hoping to achieve with this book. See you all again soon as once I get the printed copy in my hot little hands, I’ll be sure to nab a few pics to share. Stay tuned!