In my belief, we have a part of our self that speaks through intuition, nudges, and resonance as well as holds the key to unlocking our greatest desires, dreams, creative aspirations – whatever calls to be expressed from your soul.


My intention with Divine Fusion is to take this relationship and break it down into practical steps to help share with those seeking such connections.


This is a path that opened up for me years ago the moment I sat down to write the novel whispering to me on the inside. Before I even sat down to write, I was given a sign that literally created a divide between the way I defined reality and what I know and what reality can hold when I was willing to loosen my grasp, listen and open.


We each have a voice that whispers, nudges or puts exactly what you need at the time on your path. It’s always there, it’s you who either pays attention or passes it off as a coincidence or wishful thinking versus intuition.


The moments you pause and listen, are the moments you truly can transform your life, yourself and set yourself on the path designed just for you.


I wasn’t always on this path. I stumbled upon it after trying to travel down the path of outer “shoulds” and what’s “right”. It was only after writing a poem titled Zombie at midnight one night that I realized despite all the accolades and achievements I’d made, I still wasn’t happy.


I had money, a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, I was married with a nice home and beautiful Weimaraner puppy. Yet, still, some feeling of peace and joy eluded me.


After becoming a mother, I connected so deeply with my daughter in love that I vowed to not disconnect from love and myself anymore. I began to do the things I enjoyed again. I read, not textbooks or scientific papers, but Young Adult Urban Fantasy novels.


In 2008, I sent a wish to the universe asking for a story of my own to share. This came on the heels of finishing the Twilight Saga, The Mortal Instruments Series and various others of the same genre.


Tandem to this I read The Shack which gave me a sense of enoughness with myself to allow myself to even ask for such a thing.  At the time, I was a new mother back to work full-time as a hospital pharmacist. I wrote poetry from my teens on, but never a story or novel.


This moment I’m about to share, is what I call a sliding door moment; one that permanently etches a before and after into your life.


Some examples for me include: After the divorce. Before my spiritual mentor passed away. Before the baby. After the miscarriage. Before graduate school. After divorce. Before falling in love again…


Despite all these, there is one singular moment that shifted my being: the moment I saw the names of two characters I dreamed up staring back at me on the television set. It was the pilot episode of the Vampire Diaries and I had finally entertained the idea of writing a story. One I’d asked for and yet hit the snooze button on the universe’s wake-up call.


The first nudge came at work. As a clinical pharmacist, I had finished dosing chemotherapy for the Oncology Unit and checked my personal email. I clicked into a promotional email for for Temple St. Clair jewelry and the image of a golden angel pendant encircled in a rainbow sapphire spectrum stirred me.


Write a story about angels, I thought.


Only during my commute home, I pushed the idea down. I told myself: you’re not a writer, you’re a mother with a baby and a pharmacist, plus, who would want to read it anyway? Do I believe in angels? If they’re singing praises in heaven all the time, that wouldn’t be an adventure, that would be boring. 


By the time I slid my car into the garage I had shoved the idea down.


The story incubated for 9 months until driving home one sunny summer evening. The song A.N.G.E.L by Natasha Bedingfield came up during the C.D. shuffle in my golden Camry hybrid. The idea surface again. Write a story about angels.


This time I texted my sister to share the nudges.  She has always supported my writing and urged me to express myself.  She even gifted me a handmade journal with the words: write on the front and an inscription imploring I open up to this creative side more.


She texted back, you need to begin. Don’t have any expectations but try. It took J.K. Rowling years to pen Harry Potter.


I felt encouraged, except I knew that I was no J.K. Rowling.


Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to wake-up and listen. Just exactly what I was listening to would take years to unpack.


That night, while drying my long blonde hair, I thought of two names: Miranda and Grayson. Later that night, while my baby daughter slumbered and my husband brewed beer at the neighbors, I sat down with a cup of Earl Grey tea. The scent of bergamot relaxed me into my favorite worn leather club chair as I began to watch the pilot episode of the Vampire Diaries. My time, I thought.


Midway through my eyes widened in disbelief when I saw the exact two names, Miranda and Grayson, that I had written in my journal a mere hour before, on the headstone of the dead parents for one of the main characters.


What a coincidence, I thought. I text my sister and she replied, there’s no such thing as a coincidence. You need to write this story.


The moment I saw the names reflected back on the T.V. my mind cracked open as statistically speaking it is inconceivable that not only one name matched, but both.


How could that happen?


I was full of questions, but I knew one thing for sure. I was meant to write this story and whatever else that came along with it.


The next day I went to Starbucks with my notebook in hand and the story poured out of me. I didn’t know the name yet, I titled it “Unwritten”, I just knew that I needed to capture it. A couple of hours later, I look up and realized I filled the notebook with tales of triads of angelic spheres watching over the various galaxies of the universe.


This rippled out into my life as I found I’d written some about angels in a way that jived with many belief systems that included their mythologies or symbol.


How can that be so?


The moment I saw the names, I touched on a truth that shifted me from the inside out and split my life into a permanent before and after.


Unknown to me at the time, I then sought out to reconcile the two seemingly disparate halves.


Who was the person before and how could she have strayed so far from her true, deeper self? The one finally given air to breathe through writing. The one where the simple act of writing birthed a new self.


But two halves don’t always make a whole, when their intersecting edges no longer align.


Looking back, I know now that you don’t force the new fit. You go back and revisit old experiences, hurts, pain, stories and beliefs to reshape the before as you live into the newly aligned after.


I sought to align my lived experience with my spiritual essence that craved expression, embodiment and elevation into the side that informs my actions, my dreams, my desires, my life.


I ended up fusing my experienced life with my divine life together, glowing whole.


I began the journey filled with questions, wanting to understand this apparent half that is connected, knowing and able to guide me to what I needed and how to get where I wanted to go.


I opened myself up to all the things I originally passed off as it didn’t fit how I defined “reality”. I went right where I’d normally go left. I sought out folks with different experiences and beliefs, letting the commonalties bring us together and the differences provided growth.


It wasn’t always comfortable. In fact, I learned to get comfortable with discomfort and not always knowing the end game but trusted and kept the faith that the kinks would work out as I lived into the larger picture. The vantage point from my spirit.


I’m here to share as we need more people connected to their true self, expressing their gifts, following inner GPS and allowing intuition or spirit guide.


These steps are my jam. I see them just as easily as I see you. The whole you and help you navigate the waters as you find your North Star to help you guide yourself.


Our creative endeavors and curiosities are guideposts. Our soul speaks to us to help guide.


I have derived how to understand the language and would love to teach, or ignite within you, your own Divine Fusion.


The Divine Fusion webclass is structured as follows and it’s FREE:


Our first class starts Thursday March 8th and will recur every Thursday on (March 15th, March 22nd and March 29th). We’ll start at 6:30 p.m. Pacific time. I plan on allowing 2 hours (half for material I’m sharing and half for questions). However, if there is a need to extend the time, that will be evaluated during the class and at the discretion of me (Kristy Maffit ;).


Each webclass will be recorded so that those unable to attend can catch the material on one’s own time.


A follow-up email post class will be sent on Friday to help further cement what was given along with prompts to help bring this information closer. There are no one-size fits all with this. The time and energy you put in will help with your individualized results.


If you’re feeling the nudge, sign up, it’s my pleasure to guide you with all things Divine!


Click to join: Class has finished. But stay tuned as it’ll be back next Fall <3