It’s been awhile since I’ve given a recap of the happenings in my life. So much has come to the surface over the past 6 months.


Lately, I’ve been masterminding. I’ve been tapping negative beliefs away. I’ve been zeroing in on the remnants of that which has harnessed me from being myself and seeking out the things in life I want to do; rather than what others have overlaid upon me from their projections or unfinished business within.


Self-awareness of what’s mine versus another, tandem to letting go all that doesn’t belong to me anymore, is my work.


It’s yours too, in your life.


Too often we flinch when the realization surfaces that YOU GET TO CHOOSE what you cultivate in your life. Whether you go left or right, say hello or hold back, finally starting writing the novel in you or suffocate from the withheld words, paint the white canvas or keep the colors to yourself, if you open up or close off.


Lately, I’ve been busy. The good kind. Not the numbing list of to-do’s used to pad reality into life-sized palatable bits.


Lately, I’ve been working on opening up to really share my journey. The love, the light, the dark, the crazy, the magic and the mundane. It’s all part of the whole.


Lately, I’ve been working through the death sessions. If the word death causes you to recoil, maybe sit and think about the fact we all face mortality. Whether you let that paralyze or catalyze is up to you.


The death sessions are an in depth foray into the Death card in the Tarot. It’s a journey into the underworld of you, letting you excavate and lock eyes with that which is ready to be let go. That which is dead and ready for pruning.


Lately, I’ve been leaning into the discomfort with growth and the expansion in being myself. The unfinished, unapologetic, unfuckwithable + whole, wondrous, wholehearted woman I am.


Embracing the paradox in being human and a human being.


Lately, I’ve been working on my new website and sharing little mosaics of life on Instagram – come say hello there (@kristy_maffit). Don’t be shy. I love interaction. I love discussion and debates. I crave connection. Whether simply about sunglasses and skincare all the way to the depths of soul and spirit.


Lately, I’ve been dancing between grief and joy, love and pain, light and dark.


Lately, I’ve been wondering… how did I get here, to this moment? And where will I go next?


Lately, I’ve been taking selfies of smiley faces and silly faces and softer faces. Sometimes I don’t even recognize myself. The past 7 years have brought so much change and it’s beginning to show from the inside out.


Lately, I’ve been dreaming up an eCourse: Divine Fusion – my way of showing up to share what I’ve gleaned while walking the path of disconnected zombie to connected soul. Creative, divine and loved.


Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing more about where I’m headed next in the coming months. Until then, let me know what you’ve been up to, lately.