Happy Halloween! Meet my daughter, Mars, a.k.a. Magnus Bane. This isn’t her actual Halloween Costume – meaning the one she’ll trick-or-treat in tonight. This is her third; the one thrown together in a moment of need for Harvest Fest with friends at a local elementary school. We take Halloween seriously and love dressing up, especially when we can get creative with what we already have.


Mars is a changling. 


Her other two are a homemade homemade Spiderman costume  and then, for tonight, a clown. She’ll wear the same costume I wore at her age. “It’s an antique,” she said. Yep, we’re in that stage where I’m often reminded I’m practically fossilized.


My mother sewed a blue and white polka dot and striped costume complete with a ruffled neck wrap and pointed hat – more like a harlequin doll that I wore waaaay back in the late 80’s ;)  With a red foam nose and face paint she’ll look every bit a nice clown (if those exist) versus the scary clowns that nightmares are made of. She promised me no killer-crazed clown, but with Mars you never know…


Her choice as Magnus the other night was perfect complete with eyeliner, glowing eyes – thanks to quirky red-eye and palms up able to portal anywhere at any time.


Wouldn’t that be nice? To portal anywhere? I’d go to Peru or Greece. Perhaps peruse the lavender fields in Provence or nosh on pasta and wine in Italy.


The truth is we do this with moments all the time. We pull ourselves back into time and relive our past or propel forward into the unlived future.


They say the magic is in the moment. That we need to live NOW and connect deep.


To be honest while many of the moments strung along in my life are filled with miracles and magic, it seems that equally they’re filled with grief and pain. The dichotomy can often throw me off center.


Why can life be so cruel? Why can life be so beautiful? Why both?


Why light and dark, soft and strong, joy and pain?


Sometimes I don’t want to settle into the moment because that moment isn’t brining light magic but dark.


Dark magic can feel scary or too often able to swallow one up whole. But I’ve come to believe we’re here to be the light in the dark. We create the light like the twinkling stars in the night sky while we wade in the dark.


Our ability to hold space in pain and grief as much as lean into joy and beauty, the whole of it, is the polarity in being human and a human being.

That’s the magic in the moment, when we sit tight with whatever comes as we allow it to come to and through. To let it be, transform or go. To feel and embody.


What is knocking on your door asking for your ministry of presence? Can you be present in your presence? Can you bear witness to your pain, and other’s, while cracking open the moments of joy without fear of what’s yet to come? Can you feel the magic, both light and dark?


If it’s too much right now, that’s okay. You’ll know when. Until then, stay safe tonight and adequately fueled up with fun-sized candy bars :)