Hey there dreamers and doers. I’m so excited to share Forty Mornings with you all. The idea came to me during my recent vacation in Montana. After mornings spent amongst the peaks and valleys in Glacier Park and evenings beneath the Big Sky, my breath deepened and my soul sighed as this next step surfaced.


While I’ve been chipping away at finishing Glow and working on an exciting endeavor: an online course about intuition, Forty Mornings presented itself and felt so new that I understood I needed to jump on it quickly as I felt the fervent whisper, “go here, next.” So, I am.


I’ve learned to trust that voice and inner guidance as it’s born of a more expansive knowing than when looking at the cards I already hold.


Intuition is important. But first, you need to give yourself the space and time – even if but 5 minutes- to set the stage for your inner GPS to kick in as you connect to this, often buried, part of yourself.


This is where Forty Mornings comes in. You’re beginning a relationship with this other part of yourself and setting the intention to show up and bring forth what surfaces. It’s a step-by-step path intended to help you grow and expand into the creative beautiful expression of soul, your wholeness, that you already are.


You just need a little nudge to allow your gifts to breathe and flow. I happen to be very connected with not only my own inner voice and GPS, but I hear others, yours, and that’s why I’m here. I’m a guide.


The title Forty Mornings is born from the following Rumi quote: “A new moon teaches gradualness and deliberation and how one gives birth to oneself slowly. Patience with small details makes perfect large work, like the universe. What nine months of attention does for an embryo, forty early mornings will do for your gradually growing wholeness.”


What I’ve done is created 40 emails filled with daily inspiration and encouragement + a little storytelling that will cascade into your inbox over the subsequent forty days. Day one starts July 19th for the group, however, you can join anytime if you so desire. I’ve also set up a closed Face Book group for those looking for community, encouragement and accountability as we each step out on this journey.


What would happen if you set the intention to show up daily for 40 days  ready to dive into your dreams and desires?


Whether it’s writing, painting, building your business, meditating, reading poetry, gardening, silver smithing, steeping a cup of tea and taking in the sunrise from your back yard or front porch, yoga, running, cooking a nourishing meal, ______ you fill in the blank, for the opportunities are endless.


The idea is to create space then devote a chunk, or slice, of your time to whatever it is that calls to you.


We live in a bustling world. Our phones are mini computers that chime and sound with each news alert, each FB message or Instagram like. We can check into our flights, read our email or FaceTime with family and friends half-way across the world. But in this attention-zapping, double-edged sword of amazing technology… we can’t truly buy more time.


What we can do is be intentional with the time we have. Sitting down to figure out what truly is a priority, then moving the necessities with the niceties around this core need: your calling and unearthing your wholeness.


I have a full-time job, I have a long commute, I am a single mother… and I’m going to immerse myself in this period of Forty Mornings just like you.


I’m so close to finishing my first novel. I have business cards for publishers and agents, but my manuscript requires this final push. I need this final step in setting writing before everything else that cascades throughout the day.


It’s my sacred time and lights me up.


And you have yours too. Have you found it yet? Have you given yourself the space and time, the devotion, to this sacred need or desire within you?


You feel it nudging you…


What’s holding you back? Obstacles? Thinking you can’t do this, or that you should be doing something else? Wondering if it’s a good idea? Wondering if it’s worth it? A deeper part of you already knows these things. 


And that little tingling or resonance, means you know it’s true too when you read the above line.


My desire is to create a community for those of us wanting to share and encourage each other. A safe brave space where we can confront our personal calling or dreams and ask the difficult questions as we live into the answers. A place where your dark and your light are not only welcomed, but embraced. Just like the image for Forty Mornings, it’s only in our dark that we see and feel the authenticity in our light.


If you’re interested in joining, click here and sign up. I’d love to walk with you during this journey.


If you’d like to join the FB closed group, click here. I’ll be popping on FB live to help connect, encourage and share more of my story.


*if it feels more comfortable for you, you can substitute Universe, Source, Creator, Spirit for God. For Soul of the world think of it as our collective whole as humanity.