Years ago the wheels were set in motion for this very moment I’m living now.  Only I didn’t know it yet. I had finally starting listening to the wise voice within whispering about a new path.


A new way.


It began with a story unfolding within my head. Rather than sit down to write, I pushed the idea down for nine months. It took synchronicities, the universe’s wake-up calls, before I finally let that idea surface and play upon the page. Once I touched upon that truth of wanting to write, my life rippled and morphed as I needed to align the inner with the outer.


If I had let the not knowing how to write a novel let alone query publishers or agents with a finished manuscript hold me back, I would have never started nor be here where I am. Now.


If you feel the nudge in a particular direction or have had an idea slip through the sliding door of your mind, like a bubble surfacing from deep within the waters, don’t fret about not seeing how you’ll get there.


You only need to begin. Then take the next step. Then the one that unfolds after that. 


We know what we need to know when we know it. The you who will bring your vision or desire into fruition will flux and flow during this process.


That inner to outer focus and change in you is intimately tied to your calling. It’s your deeper you nudging you inward as you unearth your tunneled desires and create them through you, thereby recreating you.


Your purpose is to be you; the unencumbered snow flake patterned expression of soul through your deepest truest self. The living and breathing start dust + divine spark that is you. 


In aligning in being you and listening deep, the path will sprout. You may have an idea where you want to be. The destination. The end game.


But the journey will unfurl as you take each new step. As you rise and expand with each stage, you’ll be given the key and knowing for the next.


The point is to keep going, the purpose is to return to yourself a you rediscover your wholeness, your essence. Your presence is your power as there is only one you.


The you living beneath all the “shoulds”, the “I couldn’t possibly do that”, the “I don’t know how”, the “will they pay for that”?


You can’t know that yet. You’re not meant to know that yet. You’re meant to travel past the edge of what you already know and dip your toes into the mystery of the unknown, opening your heart and mind to the glorious “what ifs” that abound.


The next steps for me, in writing my novel, have included:  filling notebook after notebook, signing up for a community college course for novel writing, joining a writers association (it helps to have a card that says “Writer”), attending my first writer’s conference and pitching my story to agents and publishers as well as advance manuscript reviews.


This all led to the editor I’m working with who gets Glow and me, the opportunity to join a writer’s studio where I’ve pushed myself to open up to sharing my living story as I leaned into the bones of storytelling, immersed in structure, and learned to trust my own creative flow.


I’m so close to bringing Glow to y’all and I’m ready for the next step.


Are you? Have you yet to begin?


I’m working on something new. I don’t mean to clothe it in mystery, but it’s not time to share just yet. The idea is so fresh, I’m still laying the foundation. But it’ll be here {very}  soon and I hope, if it feels aligned for you,  you decide to join.