I’m showing up more and more the whole me in different spaces.



Today while in a Preceptor Development intensive I opened up a little more than usual. While I love precepting pharmacists just out of school during their residency, I don’t love the required paperwork ;) Its fun guiding them as they’re so full of knowledge and bursting with excitement to be done with school but still figuring out how to be a pharmacist.



During our intro for the intensive, I divulged that I’m writing a Young Adult novel. It sounded like everyone in the room responded with, “ohhh”. I surprised myself in sharing something I usually keep tucked a little close.



It was like I’d sprinkled a little bit of magic pixie dust in the convention room in doing something 180 from my career, Something different. Something perhaps, exciting? I could feel it. A few approached me after as if I had the key to a secret, something they, too, want to get in on.



I remember when I felt the magic pixie dust in finally sitting down to write (If you haven’t heard that story, click here).



Lately, I see more and more people knowing they want to do something, but holding themselves back.



I get that too.



It took me about 9 months to even be open to the idea of writing a novel. But I have the initial notebooks to prove (along with the date penned, original title “Unwritten” – clever, I know – and the songs I was listening to… not sure why I noted that info in the margin).



For these same people, I’m hearing the inner whisper so clearly I’m reaching out. Because I know how much finally listening to that nudge has enriched my life.



But if you feel the call to do something different, if you find yourself dreaming of a “what if”… Follow it. Trust it. Don’t worry about how you’ll get there. Getting there is part of the journey. 



I firmly believe our world needs more people who create and live aligned with their inner hopes and dreams.



When I was 19 I wrote a stream of consciousness that I later found in 2010 that went something like this: “We want to climb mountains, write poetry and novels and sing, but these unlived dreams just feed these demons. They prick me with the knowing that I’ll never be happy no matter how wide I smile….”



Side note: I wanted to do those things, I don’t know what your thing is… but chances are it’s there, whispering to you. But the thing is, you can be happy and you can change certain things that will tap into your joy in finally living your dreams.



I know because I’ve been walking that path ever since the magic pixie dust feeling.



It’s not easy, but it is simple: Following your dreams, it’s the ultimate act of self-love <3