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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’re all holding those you love close with an open heart basking in the blessings they bring. Every year I write my daughter a poem to commemorate another V-Day down the hatch.


A shot of prose to mark the day as they can fly by unnoticed.


The first year here, I shared my adventure fixing toilets in my home. It was quite an experience as I was newly divorced and pretty much lack all necessary DIY skills for a homeowner. My little girl, then 2, watched from her bath as her mother figured the flapper things out.


It was a success even if I almost lost my hands due to the frigid tank water.  It wasn’t perfect, but I did it.


Now, I take it as a badge of honor. Those flapper thingys were symbolic of me figuring out this new life of mine; the center a woman I barely knew but had the intuition to follow her step-by-step, even if out of my element.


I can look at my little girl, now 8, and marvel at where life has taken us. I’m still not skilled in handwork around the house, but I have gleaned so many lessons in the years between.


I often don’t write much here as I feel it needs to be profound, resonant and help you rearrange the molecules of your being.


But what if the simple single moments lay the groundwork and it’s our awareness of the shift that simply needs to catch up?


I don’t believe change takes time. I believe it it happens in an instant, but it’s the old mindsets and perceptions that need to peel away revealing the tender growth underneath.


Then it’s trusting yourself as you navigate life realizing you’ll continually shed what used to be as you step into who you are now, in this moment. Forever becoming who you already are.


Life is in the moment’s you choose to feel the depths.


This year’s ode is filled with whimsical confections for the sweetest little love in my life. I hope to always take a moment to feel the light and love she gives me.


This Valentine’s morning, she hugged me close and handed over a homemade card with some prose of her own: “Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re the best mama, there’s no one like you.” <3


You know what? There’s no one like you, either. Not a one.


You being you is your power and purpose. May you stand luminous center of your spectral self and look to the world through eyes of wonder.