My daughter, Marlie, wrote this piece the other day. It’s three pages of her flowing imagination and self-expression in a notebook book labeled “composition of stories”. It wasn’t a homework assignment or something asked of her.


She crafted it. It’s hers.


No one has her voice – that’s hers to wield and share as she captures the magic within.


She’s 8-years-old and will create at the drop-of-the-hat, completely absorbed with the moment, and then let it go to be what it is.


Creativity is about bringing what’s on the inside out, breathing life into something that only you can: expression of self, expansion of happiness.


May you find your Halloween filled with magic, tricks + treats. 




Top left: Composition of stories and blood-dripping candlestick. Top Right Marlie in her “Phantom of the Auditorium” costume. Bottom: Bobby from our lawn – he didn’t take Hellen’s advice and watch out ;)



If you don’t watch out, you will die. If you watch out, you won’t. Well, that’s what I heard from him, Hellen Berger, he’s spooky to the core. And Hellen is new so I don’t really know much about him.


So at fourth period my friend Harry said, “I think Hellen is a vampire!”


“You are C.R.A.Z.Y. Crazy. There is no such thing!!” I said. We were in the bathroom.


“I just know he’s a vampire,” said Harry. He grabbed my shirt. He startled me! “And you’re going to help me find evidence.”


“N.O. spells no way.” I said. The next day Harry was to his knees begging me to help. So I had it, so I said yes. He thanked me. After school we asked the librarian if we could study. He said yes. But what we didn’t tell him is what we were really doing. After about an hour we heard a sound. So we went to look for the sound. Then I saw it! It was dark with a blood red cape and f…f…fangs!! It was…no, it couldn’t be…Hellen Berger!


Harry and I ran. I tripped, but Harry didn’t notice and kept running. And then the vamp bit me! The next day I was really itchy.


“Want to have a sleep over?” Harry asked me.


“Yes!” I said. At the sleepover we watched a movie ate popcorn and pizza.  Then Harry’s mom brought out the candy. Then it was bedtime. That night I woke up at 11:01. I didn’t see Harry in his sleeping bag. Then I saw him and ran home.


{Ok, ok, so I will be handing this story to Harry. Bye!}


The next day I {Harry} went to science class to make a potion to change the vampire spell. In 5 hours it was done! I invited Mars for another sleep over. We both woke up and I made her drink the potion. I made Hellen drink it too. It worked. No more vamps.