I’m a unicorn // a mystic // a dreamweaver as I spin my golden rhymes. 


I drink heart-winged lattes with glittered blush fingertips.


Luminescence in larger-than-life shades.


I write by candlelight with gilded plumes.


Angels whisper in my ear: tales of grit and grace and the living light we are – the golden glow.


In a world where the Fallen Angels, the Giants {Anakim} and the fleet of Incarnated Angelic Winged-Warriors fight for cosmic balance…


Are you ready for my Once Upon a Time?


I’ve already shared this image and flow on my IG and FB account, but thought it appropriate to post here.


There is much happening behind the scenes: shifting, integrating, stepping out ready to be seen.


It’s been a long time coming.


As I polish up my manuscript, figure out query letters and pitching to agents all-the-while honing my brand, my essence expressed for all, I’ll put this Once Upon a Time offering here:




“In a valley amidst the Rockies the Sleeping Giant lies waiting for the giants to rule again alongside their fathers, the Fallen. The city of Helena, Montana, residence to many supernatural beings converging here on Earth’s playing field, under the etheric temple of Archangel Michael. The Big Sky seemingly endless with the celestial lights twinkling above watching and waiting for the combined destiny of two opposites created to restore cosmic balance between dark and light; the epic battle foretold in all major religions and belief systems of faith as the beginning of the end.


A sudden influx of Fallen Angels spurs the incarnation of an Angelic fleet still in God’s Grace from the Milky Way Triad on a divine mission to curb the evil riot. Lead by Luxiel (Lux) who is short in stature but grand in spirit, her extensive angelic memories bound until the human experience will unlock her purpose and divine potential. She and Grayson meet on her first day of celestial incarnation in English Class, their bond immediately felt but unknowing of their coupled destiny and heavenly connection. He’s tall like a baby giant with unique mystical qualities and on a quest for his own truth.


Through walking the halls of High School, bleak astral forays, Cirque Du Spirit Halloween festivities and a growing connection, will Lux and Grayson remember who they are and fulfill their destiny in time? For the fate of humanity and the Universe rely on it.”