It’s a tradition for me to share the love on July 4th as it’s the yearly celebration of a man who inspired Noxiel <3 He’s a warrior heart, a shape shifter, a dreamer and believer, made of miracles and magic he defies gravity and has lived to tell a few of his own spirited stories.


May you bask in the golden Glow: Luxiel + Noxiel.


Golden Angel

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“Not all angels lounge in the clouds strumming harps and singing love into the world. Some of us have to fight to protect, some of us get in the blood and the guts and the dust. Our wings singed-embers of the pure white you so innocently wield. We’re the left hand of the father. I don’t glow, I burn.” Noxiel said, his last sentiment catching me of guard, trying to imagine him burning versus my glow.


“Hahaha, okay, fair enough.” Settling in, I turn my palms skyward hoping to connect in to the cosmic energy and manifest that which is drawn to me, that which matches my energy and extension of my soul. I see them before I feel them in my hands. My thumbs trace the intricate patterns, elegant scripted scrolls worn into the handles with blades long, thin and tapered that glint and flicker in the fading sunlight. They are light and agile, tiny but durable. Just like me.


“Twin fighting Sais, that I did not expect. The blades seem to blur into a fiery tip as if not fully formed,” Noxiel shared reaching forward to touch them, his gaze appreciative and puzzled with my weapons that blend from form to formless.


“Yes, that’s because I don’t want to spill blood, I’d rather use my energy to fight. Now stop stalling, show me your weapon of choice. Unless you’ve decided to concede?” I said throwing a bit of arrogance his way considering how much he’s given me.


“Ouch, too late,” he cried out as one crimson drop of blood falls from his fingertip to the ground. The plants below wither and wilt. “How noble of you, ” he continued, his eyes transfixed with the vibrant green turf fading gray from one mere drop of his astral blood. Catching my eyes I can feel his gaze bore into me, daring me to ask why life recedes in his presence.


“If you have something to say, please say it,” he said raising one eyebrow as if to double dare. “And why would I concede? This is a battle that both sides have been anticipating for a millennia.” Quickly he closes his eyes but not before I see the pain cloud them, I feel it coursing below his cool surface. Waves envelope me as I feel the collective whole of it, letting it go I release it into light emanating off me, sending waves back of my own back. Opening his eyes, holding my gaze, I feel him soaking in my golden vibes.


“Lets do this already.” He said opening his hands skyward as flashes rhythmically pulse from his palms revealing a long bamboo rod when the strobed spectacle recedes.


“A stick? Really?” I said before I can stop myself. “How that would be helpful?”


“It’s called a Bo staff.” He said unperturbed with my tone. Raising his hand above his head, rotating the staff of the center of his palm, it appears anchored while perfectly spinning like a pinwheel above his head creating it’s own wind in its wake. Not skipping a beat, and maintaining eye contact, he shifts the staff from his left and right hand, clearly familiar with this weapon.


” Never mind, looks like I might learn something new today.” I exclaimed, my mind curious with the infinite possibilities. I place my Sais on my back, cris-crossed and snug in a harness that manifested when my need was known; I can feel the blades warm and ready against my flesh. I want to begin sans weapons, using simply my agility and skill. Weapons can be taken away or used against you. In being an extension of me, I’ll use them when the time is right, best to be my own energy to wield. I watch as the Bo glides expertly from above his head to behind his back and then finally on either side of his body. There’s a grace within his movements, an intention I can feel.


“Are you really going to come at me without your Sais? If they can be called that, more like a Seraph’s blade, pure flame of truth.” Noxiel said exasperatedly realizing that my weapons are put away. ” The thing with you love and lighters is you’re lost in the clouds. While I plan and calculate my next move. I am pre-emptive, while you are reactionary, “ he sharply responded. His tone is really beginning to annoy me. Who does he think he is telling me how I need to be?


“Why don’t we just begin and then you can see why I choose as I do.” I feel my scrolls begin to activate: two spirals on the top of each hand swirl and flow beginning a path of symbols, each one seemingly to ignite the next. One-by-one, the delicate luminescent lines travel up to my shoulders interconnected characters of a universal language in time, swooping over my clavicle and down my chest, traveling the full length of my torso and legs finally ending at my feet in the same spirals, like whirling vortexes of energy. I can feel his gaze, his appreciation of my extensive scrolls. I hear the crowd exhale; I had forgotten they were there with the private dialogue between Noxiel and I.


“You look like a living constellation, Luxiel.” He said, his admiration not lost as he takes me in from head to toe, the whole golden glow of my being. His Bo staff creating similar energy vortexes as my spiraled appendages.


“Thank you, Noxiel.” I responded, continuing to watch his expert hands play with the Bo.   Lunging, rotating my body left, I’m able to land one magnificent kick squarely on his chest just as he swings the staff behind him. Falling back he instinctively grounds the bamboo rod into the ground, like a walking stick anchoring him, his face registering surprise, momentarily stunned that I gave the first hit.


“My head may be in the clouds, and I see nothing wrong with that, and sure, think of me as reactionary, a love and lighter as you so affectionately say. However, my actions are fueled by my passion and with the intuition I have I will deflect your pre-emptedness springing back to my original shape. Marveling at you and your sure footedness, here, in the same place.” I said quickly springing in a back flip, narrowly missing his staff attempting to sweep my feet out from under me. Shooting him a satisfied smile in intuiting his move, proving my point.


“You know, it’s not fair making me smile when I’m trying to fight… you ARE the exception to the rules.” He shared, his admission surprising me.


“What do you mean? What rules?” I stop to look at him wondering why he’d bring such sentiment in right now. No sooner do I make eye contact then I find myself flat on my back, staring up at the marbled sky mirroring the dance between light and dark here on the training field.


“Lesson one, don’t let your guard down. Ever. Even if someone is sweet talking you. Especially if someone is sweet talking you,“ he scolded me, as if I’ve failed him in falling for he oldest trick in the book.


“That was sweet talking? Thanks for the lesson. I’ll remember that one, always.” Getting up, brushing the dust off I won’t let him get to me.


“I don’t fault you for it, it’s my job to help you hone your skills. Now, I’m not going to fight you weaponless.” He said tossing his Bo aside to affirm this. The air between us begins to flux as he moves his wings with the ease of a hummingbird and the might of an eagle “Catch me, Lux.” He said lifting off the ground and soaring high above in the sky moving to the horizon at a pace a comet would envy.


“And just like that, he’s gone. I don’t chase,” I muttered. The crowd erupts in cheers, mainly from the dark angel posse. ArchangelMichael looks over, motioning me to continue. Settling my breath, I close my eyes letting myself blend with all around. Reaching out I can feel Noxiel, the wind in his face as he swoops and glides feeling free without a care in the universe, his wings longing to be stretched to their fullest wingspan in majestic splendor. Suddenly, I appear right in front of him, my arms grab his, bringing them behind as I spiral towards the ground with him.


“Hi stranger, how are you?” I asked, tightening my arms around his in a giant bear hug, impeding his ability to direct our tandem flight I allow my wings to expand encompassing all around us.


“Your wings don’t end either, just like your twin Sais.” He shared in awe until he sees our trajectory. “We’re headed for the ground.” He alarmingly shouted squirming in my hold.


I adjust aim for our green meadow, the gray tinged spot our target. Only fitting to bring him back to the same exact spot from which he left.


“I’m not going to let you drill me into the death spot.” He unfurls his wings to a full wingspan, the resistance impeding my downward spiral.


“I’m not going to drill you into the dust spot. I just happen to like speed. If you’re afraid I can slow us down…. “ I said challenging him.


“Not a chance, let me gives us a little more gusto.” Retracting his wings, suddenly we’re picking up speed hurling toward the lifeless spot about to become lifeless ourself.


“Uh oh,” I responded realizing I won’t have time to break away before impact. I wasn’t accounting for the synergistic speed of both our wings working together.


Suddenly, Noxiel disappears into cinders slipping through my fingers. Before I can form an intention, I shift to an orb of light bobbing just above the surface. I’m not sure where Noxiel went until I hear him chuckling next to me.


“Well, it seems we’re both able to transform at the slightest whim. That’ll make this interesting for sure. Only now I’m a bit tired, it takes a heavy dose of energy to do that. Even though the ground is a mental construct, it’s hard not to think one will be smashed to a bloody pulp upon impact.” He grins clearly enjoying the rush the adrenaline gave us with our perceived near impact.


“It’s hard not to believe this illusion. I’m not tired though, I feel energized.” Flexing each wing, my scrolls pulse and glow. I feel alive, empowered and, for the first time, ready for what’s to come.