I began to share this piece a week or so ago after facing a fear of mine: the fear of being vulnerable.


After stalling most of the night, I bit the bullet and sent the emails introducing myself, finally connecting with the agents I’ll be pitching my Glow manuscript to at an upcoming writers conference.


Flying high after such a feat, I came to my computer and began fixing this up so that it would be just right.


I wanted to share some of my joy.


When I shared it before, in a spiritual forum, it was misunderstood. It’s not about a monolithic God or Creator; the very mark of the universe is its ever expanding and dynamic nature. In contrast, it’s about how many different iterations and belief systems of faith we’ve been handed down all coming from the same effect of an inner soul-stirring. And yet when you gather them up, how different they’ve all become.


I’ve decided some things are worth the risk of being misunderstood, and, at the very least, can spur a healthy discussion. Rather than let this collect dust in draft form, I’m going to release it.


Given the past, given the current events and where I hope we all become in the future, I share this: I’m an army of ONE and my love is my gun.






We have free will, we have choices, our ladders to the stars, we want to believe that there is not a master puppeteer manipulating our strings.


We have fate, we are our destiny, and yet when things go wrong, when we trod down the ill trimmed path, we look up and ask,” WHY is this so?”


When will we quit looking to God to blame and turn the why’s inward?


In my belief God/Creator does not change as evidenced in the myriad of belief systems of faith.


We do and our interpretations of said God/Creator are the reason behind the Judeo-Christian-Islamic triad with the God that changes, as well as countless other religions and spiritual practices both ancient and modern united with a thread of Truth.


God doesn’t need help, we do, but we look to God rather than looking inward with the questions demanding answers.


It’s not that we don’t have help from above. We have guiding lights (angels, kachinas, devas, spirit guides, ascended masters, saints, etc,.)


But to ask for free will, means we collectively created this. And only through assuming accountability can we find the path out.


In the almost six years since having my spiritual awakening I’ve read much, experienced more and have come away with the belief that too much emphasis is on the divisions, the reasons why things are different or the impetus for such divergences.


They are there just as much as we have different cultures, languages, interpretations of art, morals, values, and music, because all have one common factor: our expression,


The understanding and relating to another of the above is different, for each and every one of us.


Difference is not indicative of change, change is the snow flake patterned expression of soul resulting in self. And through this self -you hear of true self/higher self/one self- regardless, there is in all of us a self that knows but does not remember, yet.


We all are of the same light and yet different expressions of here and now.


As we remember, receive messages and guidance, how we embody, relate and express will affect how it’s received, interpreted and, possibly, relayed through friends and family.


And if a strong enough resonance found… through time.

Many of the religions started with one person who shared his/her experience.


It’s a similar message that has been restated and retold regionally throughout our human existence.


Hence the reason for the similarities, nexus points, or seeing through the words and symbols to the meaning.


The thread of love, compassion and grace.


In my belief life is cyclical and in certain times there is no need for grand theatrics of messages as one is inherently aware but as we move through cycles the messages become less and less of a Truth and more and more of the human condition.


We anthropomorphize God/Creator and one can understand why.


How do you begin to understand something or someone you do not know and cannot even fathom? Our mind maneuvers this by sifting it into terms understood, a frame of reference, and use this to relate.


As Krishna stated to Arjuna, “do not pray to unmanifest as you cannot comprehend, pray to manifest.”


And we’ve seen the manifest and messages throughout time to help us remember what we already know.


To see through the human condition muddying the waters is to see the light, the love- the eternal presence or God, Heavenly Father /Divine mother, Creator- Source.


As we move through time I believe conditions change and this understanding or knowing is not difficult.


In a way, it just happens. Like sitting down with a pen and writing without ever having knowledge yet know.


To begin to feel the connectedness with another and, through which, I understand oneness.


To see through the human condition to the spirit that is within all: within you and within me.




I do not believe that mere chance has brought us to where we are today just as I don’t believe it’s chance guiding us out. I do not claim to have all the answers but to understand the design of creation is to understand the pattern as it unfolds.


There are no endings just new beginnings, to me the question isn’t why the steps along the cycle .. the doctrines, religions, spiritual practices which are different…


The question is, “what now?”


For the only thing permanent is change, everything else is temporary.