The lotus:


Wherever you are, whenever you are, whatever you are…

I feel you stirring deep in me

To finally quench a longing, 

Of this woman I am to be


For wherever you are, whenever you are, whatever you are…

Your love has helped me see

It’s beautiful to bloom and open

Revealing the lotus inside of me


I’m a hopeful romantic. I have notebooks filled with poetry and prose echoing such sentiment. My passion knew no bounds, except when it came to living completely aligned with my heart’s tunneled desires.


I can write the most beautiful once upon a times, but when it came to crossing the threshold of my own happily ever after, I found myself unsure how to begin.


It’s much easier to write with pen and pad, than choice-by-choice filled days.


The lotus is written for a man I deeply love. I always have and always will.


We met online and began our soul dance: angelic stories, past lives, empathic resonance, destinies intertwined as we both set out to let go of what held us back from living our spiritual longings and desires.


His heart felt me first.


I started this blog initially titled Anachel, my spiritual name revealed through him and our soul growth through time. He’s divinely masculine allowing me to find my buried feminine energy and connect to the fruits of her expression: intuition, creativity, desire, nurturing, relational and the ability to ease into life allowing the interconnected nature of all that is permeate my reality.


We were fortunate enough to find each other, here and now. He entered when I needed to know love in a way I never allowed: vulnerable, passion + grace filled moments where the depth of life unfolds.


The sweet becoming.


We’re both seekers unable to rest until we’ve wrestled each mystery and lassoed each truth following the joy-filled path of the spiritual search, opening up to the infinite possibilities that exist the moment you allow, “What if…” to entertain your journey.


I started writing the novel, Anachel, to recount our relationship as it folded into this awakening of mine. It’s the story of my heart inside out, the result of dropping the act and armor showing up, naked in being, bringing breast to chest opening up to the constellations of hopes and dreams we all possess.


He held me in the dark unknown as I learned to trust my light, paving the way for this woman I was to become to go forth in life, and love, wholehearted and all in.


About a year ago I had a pink lotus tattooed on my right wrist. It’s symbolic of opening up to love, to the feminine consciousness I, now, embody in greeting the day with an open heart and open mind.


When he and I parted ways, my heart broke. I then realized that in loving him I opened and the only thing broken were my expectations. Even then, what greater gift can one give than to know thyself?  


Trust the timing in your life, the your heart knows and will guide.


Soul mates come and can go, but their touch lingers in the chambers of one’s heart, a locket of love.