People often come to me asking what books to read, what I find the most helpful in self-help/personal development or where to find the answers they seek.


They’ve read my latest blog posts wanting to connect point a to point b making c.


The truth is I’ve been working in these things for years, if not a lifetime.


Six years ago armed with my insatiable desire to know this vast realm of unknowns, I opened up wide to take in all there is out there. Reading, sharing, holding difficult conversations and others that lit me up.


It’s been a renaissance of beliefs and knowing.


Have I taken it all in?


Nope, not even close. There is only so far you can get with what is seen, what has been written and shared.


And you see is only a mere fraction of the whole.


The observable universe is less than 5% of the total.


Think about that.


They say the universe is in you, quantum physics can attest, spiritual traditions espouse such to be true, major religions state the kingdom of God is within.


Maybe there’s something there that can’t be seen.


Maybe there’s something to share that can’t be seen.


Close your eyes, settle your breath. If your thoughts race, that’s okay. But sit there for a bit. Be still and observe, lean into your presence.


Can you imagine how now you’ve opened yourself up to feel the whole of you? Not just the pieces you see, but the silent spirit nudging, “I’m here.”


The truth is only you know what you seek as the answers are within you.


You know the way.


Sounds like a lot on your shoulders, huh?


It would be better to find proven steps or flow charts to find your way, or better yet, sign up for a course to make sure, right?


To see your way.


Certainty can be thrilling but often won’t get you there. It’ll get you to another’s there, but not yours.


You’ll be close, but not THERE there.


Only you can do that.


Take it all in, sift it and let it settle allowing the pieces that intuitively resonate guide.


If those are words or concepts you’re not familiar with, look them up, ask someone, reach out and try.


You have to start somewhere. And there is no shame in saying, “I don’t know.”


In fact, that’s the best place to start, that means you’re ready.  And I say it all the time ;)


I’m here because I’m ready to be a spirit guide as I share my story.


I’ve tried to share it time and time again, but I always fall short in the vulnerability part, in the showing up whole part and in allowing myself to be seen.


I just haven’t been ready, but I am now.


And that picture above of the sun?


That’s you, a big ball of light in the dark that is worthy of love and belonging, worthy of going for your dreams and dancing in joy.


How do I know this?


Because it’s me too. And we’re all here on this blue planet together each wanting to love and be loved, each wishing and praying for another way. One that calls to you, one that you feel.


That same light will guide you.


A renaissance glow.