If I told you the secret to everlasting love, joy and realized dreams resides in you owning your magic, would you believe me?


Answer that first, as with any type of self-help it requires starting there.


With your self and what you believe to be true.


Your magic is all that makes you you.


We’re all made up of cells, tissues and organs. We’re all various expressions of human able to think and feel.


I’m not talking about what makes us the same, other than we’re alike in possessing our uniqueness, I’m talking about what distinguishes you from me.


The essentials are the same, the details different.


That is your magic and if you don’t see it yet, or know it yet, it’ll surface.


But first there’s some work to be done.


The truth I’ve come to know is that you attract everything into your life that you believe about yourself. Ditto for what you feel you deserve.


I’m not talking surface here, but truly madly deeply all that calls your heart and fancies your soul, your tunneled desires.


When rubber meets road do you believe you are worth having it all? Or is your truth a fraction of the whole?


Your healthy self-worth is either a magnet for abundance or your deficiency repels your ability to be open to the flow. Open to love and connection, emanating the feeling of enoughness and that your dreams can be your reality because you motherfucking deserve it.


That’s the shit that happens as the universe conspires with those ready to stand in their truth. The good, the bad, and the ugly whole truth in being you.


Allow all to coexist: the light and dark, soft and strong, fierce and divine pieces of the whole. Your magic is a blend of all that, expressed through the integration in being you.


Think you’re stuck where you are, forever fated to repeat the same lather and rinse repeat type of existence?


Believe that, and you will.


Day after day cashing in the same seconds that fade to minutes and hours before days and weeks spent become years.


I know this place and I used to be in there, forever on the threshold of happily ever after, unwilling and unsure of how to begin, how to cross over, how love the whole of me in being myself and all the magic that comes along with it.


Magic is defined as the power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.


This isn’t supernatural nor mysterious other than they don’t teach you this in High School, on the Nightly News or Sunday Service – although it is the essence that stirred the birth of religion.


Nah, this is what you were born with. Then through growing up in a cruel and beautiful world, you blocked it off and hid the true you.


The fully empowered wholehearted you that knows who you are and why you’re here.


It’s vulnerable to be yourself and share from there. But it’s also what we all seek, authenticity and vulnerable connections in others, yet seem to fall short of delivering the same when it’s time to show up and be seen.


Get curious about why you don’t show up to be seen, poke at why you don’t love the whole of you and through that lens, begin to get acquainted with yourself.


The journey to reclaimed magic, being yourself, vulnerable and all in, isn’t a constant but a path of ebb and flow and if you wanna know, you have to go in.


The truth is you’re the creator of your life. Every choice, every action or inaction is yours. If you can spin your beliefs into what ifs rather than not a chance in hell, you can split open the possibilities that exist within you.


They’re calling you. Can you hear it?