There’s a reclaiming of the feminine happening.


Our world has been bathed in mostly masculine for centuries, readying us for the pivot to come.


A resurrection that can redeem the state we’re in.


It’s not a guarantee but a promise, if we answer the call.


The feminine is the: connected, fully ecstatic, intuitive, nurturing, knowing, passionate and openly-desirous sexual nature we all have.


She is love and love making.


She is creation.


She was contorted into a whore, into something not to be trusted or valued, she was excised from luminous religious texts so as to control those entering the doors, creating followers rather than liberating each from within.


She was burned at the stake, her fertile land pillaged and torn.


She was silenced, beaten and shrouded from head to toe in shame for being who she is when she lets herself be.


She aches.


Oh, how she aches for the lost not realizing that within each is a seed, a spirit, that can help you find your way even when so utterly lost in despair, unsure, and broken down.


The presence of the state of feminine is reflected in the eyes of the world’s women.


It’s a knowing glance that we women have become all too accustomed. We look at our daughters, nieces and friends, hoping for a different future.


For the girls not yet shaped have a chance, we women have a chance until we take our last breath, if we can shake this state off and allow feminine to grace us with her presence, within each of us as we find our tribe and rise ourselves in uplifting others.



We belong to each other. Tribe vibe is love.



As a girl, I grew up turning up the dial on my masculine.


I was smart in the sciences but had to work twice as hard for the credit my male counterparts received naturally. I learned that to be female, who I was wasn’t enough so I had to be more, do more and have more right answers.


I studied, I read, I listened to what others said about how I should be, who I should become. I followed the prescribed path, the tried and true that’s permeated our history.


I was stuck in a cycle without ever stopping to ask myself, “Who am I in the absence of all these boxed ideas and shackled shoulds?”


I had a stalker at age 13. That shit messes with you. I was taught that my sexuality and being my innocent-self wasn’t safe. I was ashamed and never told anyone, until years later.


As I shrunk, my heart came with me, cocooned and powerless.


When sexuality is shunned, shamed and silenced, it festers becoming a disease.


A disease evident in the dark alleys and illegal sex clubs, young girls used for pleasure without any control over what is done to their body.


It’s women and girls being sold like property, treated as if they don’t matter or have any power.


But we all do.


We have power, and that’s what this masculine reign dominated; taking others’ to rise up rather than uplift from empowering within.


I dialed down my feminine. I hid. No matter how much I developed into a woman, I denied those parts of me.


It wasn’t safe. It still isn’t safe in some areas.


But for those of us like me we need to raise our voices and empower each other to step into the luminous selves we’re meant to be.


Fight for our rights, our voice, and our fierce love that can permeate the world holding space for change.


I keep using feminine and female synonymously, but….


Feminine does not equate to female. I’m going to catch shit for this.


It’s okay; I can take it because until we look directly into the eye of the beast, getting uncomfortable in the process, we’ll not shift into the perspectives and paradigms needed to allow change.


One female for one male isn’t necessarily an equal equation.


Physically it is, but in each one of us is the God factor, the spirit, the quantum energy, the chi, the ether, the part of your where logic cannot wrap around.


There are a lot of labels for this one, you fill in the _______.


We exist in a duality: masculine/feminine,  yin/yang, physical/non-physical. It’s a spectrum.


Equality isn’t tit for tat, it’s allowing the whole.


And God’s a woman too, the holy spirit of alchemical feminine.


Equality is the whole expression of the whole being who is part of the whole fucking world as it is.


It’s not an either or, but a yes, and. 


It’s not be or do, it’s be then become through action in doing you.


Be yourself, then do yourself!


Until we allow such expression, acknowledging the differences and embrace commonalities in all being human, we’ll be looking to the world with only one eye open.


But we’re given both.


Open your eyes, really look around, take it all in. Then close your blind eyes, peering from the inside out, let insight set you free.


She’s been waiting.