Light bulb sunset

Because you showed up

And I showed up

You clasped my hand

As you looked into my eyes

And I saw your soul smiling

…it matched mine


Because I let my self feel it

…and you did too


But we’re perfectly imperfect

Humanly messy

Yet heavenly blessed

We embrace

And rush forward

Then step away

Which is ok

Some things new

others old

Feelings need space

time to sow


And I know how to walk


As you make acquaintance

with yourself

Again and again and again


We won’t cling

We’ll dance

And laugh

And talk shit

Enjoying ourselves

Life is short

There are no guarantees

We made it sweet

Two bodies eclipsing


And if this fades

To a cherished memory

I’ll tuck it close

As another moment

I came alive

You came alive


It’s good to be seen