Happy New Year!



I’ve decided no resolutions. Seriously, I ate pasta with green olives and salami dusted with grated robusto cheese followed by chocolate chip cookies and champagne. I won’t vow to lose 15 lbs as I can trace that to the ghosts of resolution past (all the way back to my teens), I won’t state that I’ll run every day or kick and punch a heavy bag or perfect downward dog; I won’t declare a war on words- to finally tap out the novels racing through my heart.


Instead of a list of to-do’s, I reminisced 2014. The highs– a trip to Thailand and China, many golden moments with my daughter, sailing lessons, more beat sheets and pages written in the novels I’m working on, time of leisure with family, and career growth. The lows- from a fading dear friendship, to difficulty with my daughter and bullies at school, to losing my beloved dog, Bentley, to a deepening in healing and letting go. All shape and help me lean into the joy, to fret not when fear settles in and the times get tough.


I’ve decided to simply be, knowing what is truly important to me. That the little bits add up as I move towards the realized potential that encompasses me. Nature gives so many clues for desired states of being. There are seasons moving from abundance to loss, from warm sunny days to rain and snow with temperatures dropping to subzero. The trees and flowers flourish only to change, once the frost or lower temps hit. The leaves fall, letting go of the safety, the flowers form buds or bulbs that lie dormant until the next year… the promise of what can be. The pruning, the dead and unneeded parts, falling off resulting in the remaining tinder galvanized for the harsh climate, to then come alive again, sprouting new growth, new abundance…so on and so forth.


This all occurs yearly, sans resolutions or decrees, simply by acquiescing to what already is when one lets oneself be. Our human brains bring in the mazes of resolutions, half-hearted promises without truly listening to the beating of one’s own heart, tapping into the natural rhythm coursing within realizing that while change is inevitable, it’s often not quick as difference is not indicative of change. Change is the snow flake pattern expression of one’s soul through self.. and these subtle changes move one forward.


I didn’t work out but I danced around my house while listening to a new playlist. I didn’t diet but I ate food that nourished me and I stopped when I was full. I didn’t finish my books or even begin a marathon of writing to bridge the gap, instead I wrote, word by word chiseling out a few more paragraphs of one of the novels I’m working on, I even wrote a poem or two, and I’m here sharing this. Nothing fancy, no steps to happiness or how-to’s in cultivating the life you want.


You already know the way and the how. You just need a l’il nudge in the direction. And why not begin anew, along with the New Year? If not, that’s okay you’ll find your way, be still and you’ll hear the call knowing it’s time.


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