Soon, I’ll be Nashville bound and ready to take my turn on the mechanical bull. Well, actually, I’m meeting up with my sisters and mother for a Kings of Leon concert. Their latest album/tour is Mechanical Bull. Two words: hell yeah!! Bring on the whiskey, ass-kickin’ boots and the Kings. That’s all they need to be known as, in my humble opinion, forget Leon… I’m not even sure who Leon is ;) It was only 4 years ago that I proclaimed to my sisters while in Philly that I didn’t like Kings of Leon. As far as I was concerned Be Somebody was too overplayed. While sipping a cocktail I cooly inquired who we were listening to as I loved the song. My sister replied, smiling, “The Kings of Leon.” Closer, another fabulous song, closely ties with On Call as my fave (with Crawl up there too). However, picking a fave is like choosing your favorite child. It can’t be done, unless your moody and even then, the results are biased.



Check out On Call, Ragoo, The Runner, McFearless le sigh, they’re all good!


With a new-to-me bass guitar, the first song on my list to learn is On Call.  I always felt like there was a drummer inside of me (as I write this I’m listening to Iron Maiden’s drum solo in In-A-Gada Da-Vida er In the Garden of Eden?? *winks*). My father is a drummer. I married a drummer. But alas while jamming in the studio at Experience the Music Project a while back, after trying my best to keep a few rhythms going on the drum set, I picked up the bass guitar and found myself playing Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple quite effortlessly. For those of you unaware of that awesome song, click the link here. I’m only judging that oversight a little. Okay a lot, but no worries, I know my age is peeking through.


I hope to relax, hit the Blue Bird Cafe, do a little shopping, enjoy some southern cookin’, amble about Nashville as I’ve never been, and take in an awesome concert. There is no other way to fully appreciate music than a live concert. NONE. I’m not exaggerating, music is meant to be taken holistically. It is an experience not mere listening.  While I’m gone fishing riding the mechanical bull, I hope y’all enjoy your time. I’ll be back in a few weeks, with photos and hopefully some new boots like these!








Here’s my dream Kings of Leon Playlist, check ’em out on iTunes/Spotify/Sound Cloud if you’re curious!

1. On Call (Because of the Times) “She said call me now baby, And I’d come a running… I’m on call,

2. Ragoo (Because of the Times) “They’re way too young but I’m way too old to preach. They know it all but they still ain’t seen the truth”

3. The Runner (Because of the Times) “Hard times as we go. We know what times will change. I talked to Jesus. Jesus says I’m okay”

4. Crawl (Only by the Night) –  “You better learn to crawl before I walk away”

5. Closer (Only by the Night) Driven by the strangle of vein. Showing no mercy I’d do it again. Open up your eyes. You keep on crying. Baby I’ll bleed you dry. Skies are blinking at me. I see a storm bubbling up from the sea”

6. Sex on Fire (Only by the Night) Your sex is on fire. Consumed. We’re the ones, what’s to transpire”

7. I Want You (Only by the Night) I want you, just exactly like I used to”

8. Mary (Come Around Sundown) No I won’t, ever once, make you cry. Just to kiss, oh I’ll miss your goodbye”

9. Back Down South (Come Around Sundown)Come on out and dance, If you get the chance, We’re gonna spit on the rival. All’s I wanna know, Is how far you wanna go, Fighting for survival.”

10. Mi Amigo (Come Around Sundown) I got a friend, Shows me all the good times, Tells me I look better, Chews me up and spits me out, And then walks my ass home. And sings a song, When I’m gone, gone, gone.”

11. Pick up Truck (Come Around Sundown) “And in your denim eyes, I see something’s awry, and I see you’re weak When he comes around, see your fixin’ to shine, and my face won’t speak”

12. Beautiful War (Mechanical Bull) “I say love I don’t need nothing, Left them something worth fighting for, It’s a beautiful war” 

13. Wait for Me (Mechanical Bull) “Cut open my heart, Right at the scar, And listen up, Gonna do what I’m told, Go where I’m told, And listen up, Take a shot in the rain, One for the pain, And listen up, I tried all the way, Wait for me.”

14. Tonight (Mechanical Bull) “Tonight, somebodies lover, Is gonna pay for a sin, it’s coming out it’s coming out, I don’t know, just what is leading me, Or if time is on my side, It’s coming out, it’s coming out.”