The passed few months I’ve been mending a broken heart. After my divorce I threw myself into a relationship, it was wonderful and exactly what I needed, but unless you grow together, you grow apart. I never learned the art of letting go gracefully, I always hold on real tight, until I finally, painfully, let go. After he and I went our own way, I put myself on a dating site to reassure myself that I won’t be alone for eternity. Haha, I think that only helped me see how happy I am where I’m at now, a single lady with an open heart. I was literally playing the song Timber as I hibernated my account chanting “It’s going down, I’m yelling timber, you better move, you better dance!”  I know that when I’m ready, he will come along and all I have to do is be open.


“You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens” ~ Rumi

Often relationships come along to help with healing, to surface buried issues. This dalliance can be quite painful as issues are buried for a reason, however, to be able to move forward into the life you are meant to live, as the whole you….it’s a necessary evil. These relationships can feel like roller coaster rides, however, in the end it’s not the exhilaration or lows that matter, but that you got to the other side and are okay.


You shape shifter

Time drifter

World traveler

Sans form

A mirage of soul

Thinly veiled memory

Your shades and shadows

Carrying me out to sea

Gentle ebb and flow

Distilled in violent haste

My heart scribes ink

Finding oasis on this page

Is there sense in loving you?

This dalliance—

Of fated marionettes?

Clipping my strings

I fall from Grace

For Loving you…

Is like Courting a Silhouette