I was away from blogging for the better part of last fall because life got busy. I started the season with a post about my daughter starting Kindergarten and boy, school is serious business these days! It was a whirlwind of gym days, library books, play dates, school events, pages upon pages of newsletters, homework, holidays, picking which day to have hot lunch (me forgetting her lunch one morning so she got a “store lunch”). Now that it’s 2014 and I’m a well seasoned maman of a Kindergartener, now that I’ve caught my breath, I find myself marveling at the passed 6 months. The days are long but the years short and I know that while parenting is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done, if I don’t stop and enjoy the moments that are truly special they’ll become a blur. Here is a glimpse of my daughter, Marlie. Since a baby she’s had the nickname Mars and she truly lives up to the unique moniker. She’s a goofy, kind hearted, compassionate, golden-haired-monkey bar-slaying-sweet-toothed bundle of serendipity. I never know what she’ll do, I don’t think she does herself. She truly follows her whims and as a five-year-old, it’s quite sweet. Unless she’s not listening to me then it annoying ; )


“Life is in the moments we choose to feel the depth” ~a renaissance glow


Through the looking glass

Through the looking glass.


This morning during our commute my daughter made the declaration below:

Marlie: Maman, I hate my shadow and reflection.

Me: Why?

Marlie: Because they copy me every time! I move my fumb (thumb) like this and look, my shadow does too! 

Me: Marlie, your reflection and shadow are you, that’s why “they” copy you.

Marlie: I’m going to cut them off.

Me: Oh dear


Not for Santa

Gnome cookie jar labeled “Not for Santa”


During Christmas, Marlie was into leaving notes, upon realizing that Santa would be coming to deliver gifts, she promptly labeled the cookie jar “Not for Santa”. She apparently didn’t want to share the white chocolate covered oreos.


Who doesn't love a bow, front and center?!?!?!

Who doesn’t love a bow, front and center?!?!?!


Marlie: Maman, my underwear is too small, I want to give all my small underwear to Audrey’s brother. 

Me: That’s not boys underwear, Mars.

Marlie: They can wear pink!

Me: Yes, boys can wear pink, but it’s missing a strategic hole for their penis, for when they go potty.

(Yes, we use the real words at our home…)

Marlie: That’s not appropriate, having a hole in the underwear!

Me: Laughing.


No Marlie


After telling Marlie she couldn’t watch T.V. , she promptly labeled it as “no Marlie” with a cute little drawing to go with it. She always serves her retorts with a side of drama.. I’m worried about the teenage years… I mean the kid takes shots from honey bears.


Mars : MAMAN! running from the kitchen through the bathroom to the laundry room in record speed. My legs are all sticky.

Me: Why are your legs sticky? Curious to where this is going but an idea surfaces given she’s holding a honey bear.

Mars: Tipping her head back and putting the top of the honey bear mere centimeters from her mouth, demonstrates her method of taking shots from the honey bear. Like this! her legs sticky as she’s only partly successful in this endeavor.

Me: Mars, that’s for your tea, not to guzzle honey.


Make Believe Things

Make Believe Things


During our morning commute I handed Marlie my writing notebook. She was busily drawing while we were stuck in a traffic jam, after a quiet period she said, “Maman, I’m filling your notebook withe make believe things!” I replied, “So am I little love, so am I.”


After a tireless discussion about healthy food choices I was served this little gem.

Me: We should get a book about the different food groups.

Marlie: We should get a learning book for you about giving me what I want.

Me: Uh huh.


I heart this unicorn!

I heart this unicorn!


More make believe things in my writing notebook. I have to admit, this one is getting framed. From the carrot top horn to the prancing hooves, pure genius!


Marlie: Maman, can we get rid of our dog and get a different pet?

Me: What type of pet are you thinking of?

Marlie: A unicorn!


The Golden Castle

The Golden Castle


Marlie loves to use her imagination, she’ll draw on lined paper and write on blank paper. She likes to go against the grain, I guess. She drew this golden castle for me over the Christmas break. It’s our future home, or so she tells me.


Me: Marlie, here are some coins I brought back from France

Marlie: I only want the gold ones maman!

Me: That’s my girl


Faces of Mars!

Faces of Mars!


Over our summer break in Montana, Marlie hopped on this dragon statue after japanese fare and went about creating poses. This is like 4 out of 20. So dramatic and I promise she doesn’t get it from me!


Marlie: Maman, I worry about you…wanna know why?

Me: Why? (secretly hoping she hasn’t yet found out how ditzy I can be) 

Marlie: Because I love you

Me: -releases held breath- Awe thank you sweetie, I love you too.


I hope y’all are leaning into the moments that make life a little bit sweeter. Parenting is a thankless job, however, I have a theory that kids are cute so we keep them. It’s just a theory but so far it’s holding true. Be well and I’d love to hear some of your kids’ moments!