I few weekends ago I watched an episode of Super Soul Sunday featuring Steven Pressfield author of, The War of Art. When I heard him exclaim “Put your ass where your heart is!” I felt the resonance. Do you want to write a novel, paint an oil masterpiece, design greeting cards, open your own landscaping business,  or that something else? Is there an inner dream living within you but procrastination, uncertainty or fear keep you from trying, from doing or taking that first step? Put your ass where your heart is. It’s not easy but it is quite simple. Don’t over think it, just do it. I know there are times the heart is considered second to the mind, however, in the famed words of Blaise Pascal:


The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of… We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart.

Follow your heart

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Is there a magical moment you’re waiting for? Last year I wrote A Tiny Thousand Nows, the post shows my dependency on the ever elusive someday. The catch being someday doesn’t exist. So why wait? The only thing certain is this moment now and someday is a string of a tiny thousand nows that won’t ever be reached if I don’t begin.


This is an excerpt from my journal from 5/2012

Sitting here listening to the thrum of my dishwasher, ignoring my printer light blinking as I have yet to replace the black ink cartridge wondering just where my mind will wander tonight. The fact I’m sitting down fingers primed and ready on my Mac is a miracle in and of itself. I’ve been so busy with doing, anything, other than really letting my mind expand as I express whatever comes first.  

I should be writing a blog post.

I should be folding my daughters laundry.

I should be making her lunch and ensuring that every thing is in place for tomorrow morning as mornings can be stressful as all Marlie wants to do is lounge while she eats her breakfast then play. I constantly remind her of getting dressed, eating, brushing her teeth, then her shoes. Once these things are completed then she can play and do as she pleases. But often she’s out of time…and hops out to the car a bit unfazed despite her lamenting a mere 30 minutes prior to our leaving about how she never gets to play or do anything.

The fact of time is one thing I struggle with. By now one would think that I’ve realized this is the single mother life; time is a precious resource. This is what I signed up for when I realized that the life I had built up for 13 years was not the life for me; now a mere 2 years later and my life is one of a different path. 

I want to write. I have been blessed with a wonderful story that has unfolded over the past 2-3 years and still it sits unfinished. 

A few months back I found a poem I wrote about living out ones inner dream rather than just going through the motions of life, the zombie like state we find ourselves in when just trying to make it through the day. Only to wake up the next morning and lather-rinse-repeat. I’d love to say I woke up one day and realized my life was ticking away while I was a bystander, but that isn’t the case. The universe shook me to my core to wake me up.  I’m even less innocent as I ignored many journal entries as well as poems all illuminating my contented discontent as my soul was speaking to me.

When I first started this blog I shared about the moment the stars aligned and the universe conspired to help me along my path by finally listening in and listening deep. The journal excerpt above could be written today with the same detail, certain aspects of my life will never change as I’m a single mother who works full-time. The moments I catch to write will be intentional. But if I want to write, that’s what needs to happen, to show up continually putting my ass where my heart is.
How about you, what do you dream you can do and have you put your ass where your heart is?