Bring out the bubbly!! After two years of blogging, three different blog titles {Anachel, My Renaissance Life, and A Renaissance Glow}, various blog themes {Spectrum, Twenty Ten and Duet}, thousands of visitors and comments; I’ve hit the milestone of 100 posts.

100 posts

Everything is better with sprinkles!

It’s been an incredibly sweet ride as a blogger. While scrolling through my media library I’m brought back to many of the moments connecting January 2012 to now as well as the life events fueling my posts. In short, I’m not the same woman. Life is a continual journey with a constant flux of change. I don’t know where 2014 will take me but I feel myself circling back to the tipping point, the moment when I finally listened in and listened deep to the voice nudging me to wake up. To show up and be seen. To experience life by feeling life and getting my ass in the arena Theodore Roosevelt and Brené Brown speak of. I used to be checked out, unhappy, and unsure of myself or what I wanted in life. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore. I now understand that I am the catalyst for my own happiness. I show up as best I can daily to be with my daughter, my friends, my family, and, most importantly, present in my presence. I know what I want and while there is fear… my hope floats in this golden world of possibility. I feel sharing an edited *wink* excerpt of my first blog post is a good start to the New Year and a fitting 100th blog post.

Tipping point is defined as the point at which a series of small ineffective changes acquires enough pressure or importance to cause a larger, more significant change.

 Difference is not indicative of change; change is the unfolding of self, revealed through the snowflake patterned expression of one’s soul.

When I think of where to start, I don’t know where to begin. Paralyzed with the frustration of trying to get it down right, I don’t even begin. I’ve gone through the years accumulating “How to Write” books and journals, twenty of the most beautiful leather bound or fancifully decorated hard backed journals full of promising pages for which my eloquent script does not adorn.  The whole of my problem is in the thinking itself. I censor and hold back for I’m afraid to share, not only the events from the last few years, but the combination of my childhood, adolescence and this emerging woman’s new life; this multidimensional being who has a Truth to share.

It wasn’t so hard to let go, there were a string of wonderful moments where I allowed my pen to write and my lap top keys to tap away not realizing what I was expressing, until I stepped back realizing I had written the beginning of a story. While sipping my iced soy latte I smiled as I finally I had something I wanted to share, for the pulse of the story was alive and I was merely capturing its essence.

One of Love, Compassion, Grace, and Angels here on Earth with the heavenly realms guiding above and that we truly are not alone.

Often that which leaves one the loneliest is the part of oneself many have not made the acquaintance of. And that is the renaissance story of my path and journey for which I’ll share. I’ve been getting to know her and yet she’s always known me. I’ve learned that what think I know is in direct contrast to what I know and yet could not have known when logic and rational thoughts paint the picture.

There is a part of me, a silent half, that up until I finally surrendered, came out. Whether singing to as a little girl or the knowing of how others felt leaving me confused. The voice of this twin came out in poetry- the silent musings at night by candle glow in High School, where I was whispering to myself. The collected poems and prose proof that I have always known of my slumber. I simply wasn’t ready until now. For just like the lighter used to illuminate my tapers, pillars and waxen fillers… I too needed my own spark for I had lived so long muted in allowing what others said about me and to me, to define me. It wasn’t until I realized that I define myself and the meaning is more than simple words, for it’s something felt; an essence inherently known.


My intention for 2014 is to be me. To be who I am when I let myself be. Be well, be brave, be bold, but, most importantly folks, be you. Be-you-tiful!