Sometimes the child in me just wants to play. I’m not sure what your inner-child does to pass the time, but often you’ll find mine in pigtails doing cartwheels answering to the title “Lillia-The-Faerie-Princess-Extrordinaire”.  She also fuels a sense of adventure, continually looking to the world in quiet wonder, forever hoping that if she rocks-the-boat hard enough,  sparkling glitter will descend like confetti from the sky; her very own real-life snow globe. She also likes to snap photos, curating moments to remember because she knows that memory is the first to go ;)


Last Friday night while sipping Sofia Rosé blush wine, I fiddled with Piclay, my latest iPhone App. I adore it as it has given me some of the coolest photo fusions.  I thought I’d start the week was some surreal inspiration to help you foster the mystery and magic, even if but a quiet moment of day-dreaming amidst the chaos of life. Happy musing!

Peonie Chandelier

Parisian Chandelier and Peonies.

Weim and fireworks

My Weim, Bentley, and 4th-of-July Crackle Fireworks.

My Daughter, Marlie, "Striking a Pose" and Beautiful Fleurs.

My Daughter, Marlie, “Striking a Pose” and Beautiful Fleurs.

Lotus Me.

Lotus Me.


Hammock Time

Hammock Time and Pink Roses.