“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”  ~Plato


Concerts lights 3

I remember my first concert, it was The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band at the Civic Center. Their hit,  Fishing in the Dark , became larger than life as I stood there transfixed experiencing the music, feeling it all course through my body. My second concert was Tim McGraw. I don’t remember who opened, but HE was larger that life and exactly what my teenage mind was ready to wrap around. He shared his version of Steve Miller Band’s The Joker, le sigh, another fave of mine. I should preface that I grew up in Montana and Country Music is just a part of me, a reminder of home. After those two concerts it gets jumbled and I’m not quite sure of the order, or that I’m remembering them all, but here goes: Ziggy Marley, George Clinton, Primus (Blink182 opened), Watsonville Patio, Candlebox (my first “date” with my ex), Indigo Girls, Dave Mathews Band, The Who, Ozzfest, The Killers (Tegan and Sara opened), Sara Mclachlan (The Pretenders opened), Chevelle, The Kills, Naked and Famous, Ellie Goulding, ZZ Ward, Built to Spill, Florence + The Machine, and most recently, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.


Grace is just fabulous. Period. I want her wardrobe, her guitar, and her legs. Yes, please, those legs! Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if my voice could wail like the reincarnation of Janis Joplin either. Le sigh. I’ve realized I’m a rocker at heart, and Grace helps me channel my inner vixen. Oooh la la, indeed!


I donned my sheer black tank with a 2 inch sequin hem, faded bootcut jeans, graphite lined eyes and boots. I was going for comfort with a little twist, allowing my inner vixen to surface. And boy did she, I thoroughly enjoyed my time dancing amongst many others equally thrilled at being there, in that moment, experiencing Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, live. At about midnight, tucking my two LP’s under my arm, I walked with my friend back to my car and went home to hang in my hammock. It’s heresy to just simply go to bed after a rockin’ concert like that. I floated there, staring up at the same stars Grace references in this beautiful song, as they twinkled back at me. It’s wonderful to feel alive.


Here are a few pics of the concert. Pardon the heads, however, that’s about as good as it gets when you’re 5’4″.


Grace 4 square

From top left: Grace and her guitar, singing stars at the piano and ah-mazing lighting, shout out to the crowd, and lastly, a rare pause for Grace when performing, looking like an angel :)


I’ve discovered a great app for iPhones and iPads that alerts you when your favorite bands are coming into town. It’s a free download and will set you up quickly drawing on the bands found in your phone’s music library.




I used to miss concerts because I never seemed to find them or know until too late (yes, I’m looking at you Mumford and Sons), but once I downloaded this app for my phone, I’ve been in the know. This is not a paid advertisement, I just like to share things that help as life is crazy busy and any little thing that smooths out a few wrinkles, well, I’ll share the love. The exception being face wrinkles, I don’t smooth those, I feel I’ve earned them and wear them with honor.


Concert Cloud

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, I’m so there!


Once you’ve downloaded the app and set-up your account, this is the main screen.  The concert cloud highlights upcoming shows, click the bubble recommendations to view the date the band is playing along with the location. There’s even an option to RSVP and link with Facebook, Spotify, Pandora, Google play, etc. The tonight screen shares shows happening that very night, the artists button highlights upcoming tours and recommends other similar genre artists you might enjoy, as well as the option to listen to their songs. This is definitely a must for music lovers looking for a fun night experiencing the music as nothing beats hearing, and feeling, it live. There’s an energy that all concert goers, band included, fuel and tap into synergistically. Last Saturday night, is was Grace on Fire.


Whatever your music taste, I hope you find your faves and are able to experience the music while the band’s in town.