A few weeks ago my daughter announced that she missed eating crapes at our home. I have to admit, that is one mispronunciation where I inwardly cringe, however, she’s only 5 and calls cupcake, cupcape, which I think is adorable. Her paternal grandmother has a simple crêpe recipe that anyone can handle and go about their morning unfazed. The glitch being that I had never made them before, successfully. Upon hearing my little one’s wish, I was completely fazed, as I remembered my last attempts at making crêpesIt was not pretty, quite the mess actually, and I’m not just talking about the botched batch after batch of the seemingly innocent flat pancake. It was a skill I never honed as my ex typically whipped them up on weekend mornings. After returning from Paris, I vowed that I would stay in the kitchen until I had mastered the swirl of the batter in the pan, the part that had always been my Achilles heel resulting in holy crêpes, until I was churning out the round confections like a seasoned Parisian street vendor.


This recipe isn’t a traditional recipe, but it is delicious none-the-less. There are only three ingredients, that’s it! Simply mix in a bowl 1/4c  flour + 1/4c  milk + 2 eggs. I mean, anyone has those ingredients in the pantry, right? Just add a little pad of butter to coat the pan, spoon in about 1/3 cup batter {you’ll have to get a feel for this with your pan and the right thickness you prefer} et voilàcrêpes.


Crepe making


It took me a handful of tries to finally get the swing of the swirl and the confidence in knowing when the crêpes are ready to be flipped; when the edges begin to lift up from the pan, that is a clue. Since there is no sugar in this batter, the fun really begins once you decide how to fill them: fresh berries, home-made or your favorite jam or jelly, applesauce, pure maple syrup, and Nutella with bananas are a few favorites around here. I had some strawberries this particular morning and decided to garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprig of mint. I hope these crêpes become a favorite  for you like they are at my home, enjoy!

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