I’m a hopeful romantic, shhhh, that’s a secret only for you and me to know ;) Ah, well, perhaps it’s not such a secret, however, I do believe in the art of kissing. Leaning into an embrace, gazing into your love’s eyes and just melding into the moment as two souls dancing to the rhythm of time. In Jesus’ days a kiss was seen as the exchange of spirit as shared by Cynthia Bourgeault in The Meaning of Mary Magdalene. Above and beyond the romantic notions or spiritual connections, it’s no secret that kissing is good for the health, the top ten reasons to kiss include, but are not limited to: lowering blood pressure, decreasing cortisol stress hormone, increasing serotonin (feel-good hormone), reducing pain, increasing oxytocin (the love hormone), improves immunity, fights off cavities, increases dopamine, improves the mood, and lowers anxiety. If you’re wanting a few pointers or new techniques I found this little book, The Art of Kissing: Tips and Techniques from the 1930’s, prior to Valentine’s Day in a local boutique. It’s chock full of ideas and guaranteed laughs while perusing this art of kissing vintage guide.


“If we are to get the real meaning of the word kiss, instead of going to the old fogies who compile dictionaries, we should go to the poets who still have the hot blood of youth coursing in their veins” ~Pietro Ramirez Sr.


art of kissing


If the health benefits or the promise of practicing the art of kissing do not move you to lip locked-bliss with the one you love, then the below excerpt from The Hourglass Door should help bridge the gap from indecision to lips in motion in kissing the midnight kiss.


“Before the beginning there was a void. A darkness then from out of the darkness came sound, the sound resonated through the darkness of the void, reaching… searching. And then in the darkness the sound met another of its kind and harmony was born, melody came next and the music of the spheres spread throughout the darkness infusing it with magic. The darkness felt the magic and heard the music and dreamed of sloughing off the shadows and dancing in the light. From the depths out of those dark dreams, time was born. When melody saw time dancing in the dark spaces she saw the future unspooling in his wake, she reached our for time, gathered him to her rhythms and in the darkness they kissed a midnight kiss. And thus was born the first dawn of creation”

~Lisa Magnum


Happy Monday, now go kiss, seriously, your heart will thank you for it! 

“Kisses are a better fate than wisdom.” ~ E.E. Cummings