Have you ever wished upon a falling star? Do you ever look up at the night sky in wonder? Do you know we’re all stardust? It’s true. The same atoms that once comprised giant stars are within each of us. The next time you look at the cosmos, rather than feeling like a tiny speck in the universe, realize you’re part of the universe just as much as it’s a part of you.


Along with star gazing to connect, I read poetry. Rumi, Rainer Maria Rilke, Hafiz, Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson are a few of my favorites. Their words roll around in my head as my heart swells to feel just what they were feeling while laying down the lines. I adore many of the writings of Oriah Mountain Dreamer, the italicized quote below is one of my favorite excerpts from Oriah’s book The Dance. She always begins her dainty books with a poem and then proceeds to flesh out the concise text into explanations, rounded out beliefs or experiences leading to such sentiment. You could think of it as beginning with right brain inspiration and then translating to left brain for easier access of the message.

Fragile-humanness2 Fragile-humanness-3

Oriah expresses not wanting more of heroic tales, but to know what holds you through as you meet your imperfect human self. Calling this “fragile beauty of your own humanness”, I’d like to clarify that in my belief, I feel our fragile humanness is our strength. Don’t confuse as frail. To me, there’s a distinction, frail describes weak whereas fragile denotes the ability to be broken. Even the strongest materials can be broken and this has nothing to do with frailty. What can be broken can also be mended, in the alchemy of love I feel the healing brings greater strength as we look to the world through a compassionate heart, experienced in the art of being human. I think it’s of utmost strength to be vulnerable, knowing that my wholeheartendess can not exceed my willingness to be brokenhearted as said by Brené Brown.


I’ve always written poetry, a form of expression for what was originally inexpressible as I didn’t want to face how I felt. But late at night it would come fearlessly flowing onto college lined spiral notebooks, pouring out as if the simple act of me finally laying script to paper was letting go of what was inside, beginning the healing process as I shift through the changing inner landscapes of my life.  For most of that life my poetry has remained a bit of a secret, sharing is like wearing my heart on my sleeve. It’s me raw and untempered for all to see into my eyes, the windows to my soul.


“Poetry is the opening and closing of a door, leaving those who look through to guess about what was seen during a moment.” ~Carl Sandburg


While I won’t tell you warrior stories, I will share with you a slice of my ordinary courage. Brené Brown illuminates on her blog the etymology of courage as a word with roots in the heart as “cor” is Latin for heart. Courage used to mean “to speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart”. Being brave, heroic deeds of risking one’s life can be important, but so can facing and taming fears as one stares down anything but love that surfaces.


One night I wished upon a falling star, and in that fragile moment I greeted myself, the perfectly-imperfect- unfinished -work-in-progress me and was met with love staring back.  The stardust that I am saw the falling star as the same and we were one for a moment, burning the past, opening up the present, birthing a new beginning – the Phoenix’s glittering reflection.


Wish upon a falling star



How do you express the otherwise inexpressible? What do you connect with and instantly feel like a part of the greater whole than your defined self?



How I Wonder What You Are…

I wish I had been more aware

Of the ache within me for you to embrace me

Me as I am, the whole of me


My depths are too deep sometimes and others retreat to the shallow

I’m just too much sometimes, even for myself

Only now allowing what holds me when I cannot hold myself

To permeate my being

I wish I had felt you pull away before the anger bloomed

Before words cut like a razor’s beam

No longer palm to palm

No roses dealt in rainbow flow

But I was reaching out as you pulled away

And gave you the perfect play

I wish I had been more aware of my fragile humanness

But as unexpected as this end

Is the strength to begin

To let my soul shine

May you find yours too my love

Your glow

We never said this would be easy

And life is oh so messy

I just wish we weren’t the casualty

I wish I had handled it differently

I floated in my hammock that night

The tears flowing from within

And wished upon a falling star

The Phoenix’s glittering reflection

No angel message this time

But one of cosmic proportions

Sometimes you have to destroy what was

Before you can ever be

There are no hellos or goodbyes

In this endless wake of today

And sometimes an ending is necessary

For a new beginning to come our way