“Someday is made up of a thousand tiny nows.” ~Curly Girl Design


That ever elusive someday. Someday I’ll dare to dream and reach for it. Someday I’ll finally organize my dirty-little-secret of a closet. Someday I’ll finally feel fit enough for kickboxing class. Someday I’ll finish my novel. Someday I’ll fill this blog adventure of mine with posts chronicling my quest from the tiny beautiful nows to someday. Someday I’ll relax on the beach without worrying about someday, but be in that moment NOW. Someday I won’t feel the excruciating clarity that those tiny little bundles of possibility are slipping away like grains of sand through my fingertips; no longer able to ignore Father time’s hourglass faithfully ticking away and yet, still I wait. I wait for someday to arrive.


To be honest, I don’t know the secret path to someday brimming with realized dreams, but it seems to reside in the thousand tiny nows between then and this moment now. Most things exist as untapped potential and that includes someday as someday is the seed of possibility rooted in each of us. I do believe that gilded path is somewhere between looking to the world through a glittering lens and sensing the pillars of magic that infuse existence.  I feel it’s slowing down, and focusing in as we express through centrifugal force our voice, bundled polaroids in time; whether via images or written word, finally tapping that wellspring of creativity within.


Until then, until the realized potential of someday graces me with her presence, I’ve collected a few of my thousand tiny nows to share with you. 




Fotor 2

Tiny nows… crafting oatmeal for two, sending Instagrams of my polka dot feet, sewing fuchsia button eyes, and running my fingers through heartstrings.


Tiny nows… noshing on California eggs benedict, ambling along the Columbia River during lunch, catching a glimpse of the sun playing peek-a-boo, and sipping soy lattes while writing shitty first drafts.

fotor 4

Tiny nows… snacking on drunken goat cheese and Creme de Lys Chardonnay, planning a birthday trip to Paris, stopping to smell the roses, and enjoying chocolate frothy swirls.


Tiny nows… chilling at the Ellie Goulding concert whilst snapping pics of chandeliers, hanging in my hammock, mad about pink hot cocoa and paper straws, and getting my groove on with ZZ Ward at the Star Theater.



I hope you’ve been tucking a few tiny nows close too, delving into each moment seeking the magic, the magic that IS you even if it’s but moment by moment or within a tiny thousand nows.