Now that the champagne bubbles have effervesced, confetti thrown and noise makers put away for another year, let’s talk about kickstarting this New Year. I typically don’t do resolutions as rules and the like just seem to beg to be broken in my book, however, I have decided that with surviving the  end of the world  end of a Mayan calendar that I’d ring in twenty-thirteen with intention. First things first…


My kind of kickstarting!

My kind of kickstarting! Except trade those boots for these in black :)


1. Read less do more. Yes, you read that correctly. While I’m an avid reader running out of shelf space, I’ve decided that anything I’m reading about that is intented to be an action rather than an abstraction, shall be done. No more books about writing filling my time, instead I’ll fill it writing and blogging. No more Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I want to be out there with the wind in my hair riding the damn bike.  I’ve shelved the books on mindfulness and meditation because if I haven’t found time to finally sit lotus it’s likely because I’m lounging in my chair reading about sitting lotus and the touted benefits rather than enjoying a little headspace or alpha state.


2. Make it count. This applies to anything and everything with food the obvious example. If I’m going to have a tasty treat then it’s full fat ice cream like this from my local fave, Salt & Straw. No more low-fat mindless artificial flavored experiences that are all form and no substance. Exercise will be more than mere motion, it’ll be a right hook to the heavy bag, sun salutations or a walk along the Columbia river. I’m going to live out loud, fully connected with each and every moment possible. If I need to swear, I will. No more watered down replacements that leave me less than satisfied with the intended exclamation. No more saying yes when I mean hell no, no more shame shadowing my choices in the feeling I have to do it all to be enough. I’ll simply make it count, when I do what I do with whatever comes my way. I hope to lean into discomfort as growth is typically tandem, to embrace change for the fruits of life are not without and allow my joy to glow without worry or fear with what the next moment may bring.


3. I quit the bullshit. Seriously. Yes, I’m already living out number two ;) There’s so much accumulating out there and I won’t peddle it here. I’m tired of the books/workshops/media selling self-help prozac like promises with lure of a shiny happy life. The world may be filled with phone apps galore but there still is no insta-fix for life. Sorry, but life is messy, it’s blood and guts, it’s tears and fears, it’s smiles and hugs, it’s positive thoughts and hope. You don’t get one without the other. Life, it’s one thing unique to each of us and how we navigate that truth is our journey to share; just sans the BS, please and thank you. Let’s allow the commonalities bring us together and the differences spur growth.