Golden Girl


As a mother of a 4 1/2  year-old words seem to fall short in light of the news this week. This hits too close to home as a parent, a mother, a Portlander, a human being…  so instead I’ll hug. Tight. Her and all of you.



Let’s pass this along. Let’s hold this space in the light of the little ones, in love for the families. There’s been a lot of talk about gun control, about mental healthcare issues, about the need to not politicize this, about the undercurrent of evil that fuels such actions, and the disbelief that such a thing could happen in our schools, in our malls, in our communities, or in us. We live in a cruel and beautiful world with the line dividing good and evil cutting through the heart of every human being as said by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and who wants to live with half a heart? But there is a half that, in my belief, is the whole. Living from this truth wholeheartedly is the where the beauty, the good, the love, and the compassion spring forth. This doesn’t negate the cruel and beautiful world we live in, but lends to the realization that I have a choice.  I always have a choice, perhaps not in what is done to me but how I react, how I treat myself, how I treat others, the living example I am and if I desire to be the change I want to see, I must reach through my fragile humanness, through my fear, and be here holding this space in an embrace, in love and light, united not divided in the human spirit.