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I don’t always know what to say, not just here on the blogosphere but many occasions in life. Being a mother I notice I weigh and measure what I explain, exclaim or spill; often wondering if that moment was the moment I’ve scarred my daughter with my ill-considered response or my quick retort because I’m so busy trying to “get things done”.  When I just let go and let be, I’m reminded of those other gems of a moment, the ones where I answer from the heart, hoping that she somehow takes it to heart; tucking it close as she grows into the little girl, the girl, the woman she is to be.


She’s about 4 1/2 years old and every night right after turning on strategic lights to illuminate, in some form or fashion, every corner in her room, right before singing our final song of the day…right then, in that moment she looks as me and says “Maman, are there any monsters?”…


One night I faltered, I mean what do I say, monsters are afraid of the light, right? Well I did say that and then she had me look under her covers as no light touched there (smart girl). So then I switched gears and said they don’t like the dark either…but then what to do with the light that she’s grown to feel comfortable in, the dark only allowing her imagination to soar with the endless possibilities with any shadow on her wall.


While I don’t always know what to say during some of life’s crucial moments, I find my way there eventually. This is a poem I wrote my little girl and shared it with her so that she knows; she’s safe from any monster in the light, any monster in the dark…for there’s a shadowboxer always protecting her.


The Shadowboxer

If I should be so lucky

And able to crawl

Into a different world

The shadows on your wall


I’d slay the nightmare dragon

Fight the monsters beneath your bed

To tame your wildest fears

As angels dance above your head


Wielding my sword of light

Catching the darkness by the cheek

And follow the willow wisps

The shadowboxer’s destiny I seek


No matter where you are

I’ll be there to keep you safe

From all that troubles your mind

While you slumber towards awake


Twirling, swirling, chaos in the sky

The shadows flock to greet

All the little souls

This  journey I shall meet


So when you lie down, little one

As you close your weary eyes

Worry not as I’m always here

Riding the starry skies