I’m so happy to have another guest blogger, I’m honored to introduce you to Lou Cruz, author of Soul Search(ing). He’s the symbolic Mr. Hogan, the physics teacher, in Glow, although my friendship with Lou resulted in more than physics being passed on to me; but that of the language of the soul, what the soul is {or really what it is not} and how it speaks to us all in the silent nudgings that, when listened to, one begins to embark on a renaissance life in search of one’s soul.



Rebirth, which is what the dictionary calls it. There are more elaborations of the word, renaissance, but all speak of a life, being born again.. Most would then assume the life they seem to be living; after all, it is the only one that can be proven to exist. But… there is so little of the life one lives that can be proven. So often, perhaps too often, there are the fantasies in one’s life that take over what is called the realities of life.


We, that is all of us, are trapped in this physical world and the realities that bind us, limit us. There is little room for fantasy there.. but is there? Only those who are born as birds have the wings to fly; yet not all that have wings can take flight. Only a lion can be a lion and so it goes.. the list of limits… far beyond our own limits of understanding. To reach beyond these boundaries then, we have but a short list of fantasies. A short list that holds a very long list of words we have chosen to equal our limitations. Such is our human condition.


The yearning within seems hopeless in its quest to exist beyond our own mortality. Far beyond our own practicality we reach for what is somehow known to be there. To press that into our lives as part of the fabric of our life as an experience and make it as real as have imagined. What is then truly written in our imaginings? How does that compare to with our list of fantasies, our limitation within our world? Is there, could there be a something that does exist in both worlds?




What then is, and is proven to be, both in our real physical world yet also in the other.. central to its being?



What is light?

Light is known to exist. It can be measured, all science fact is based on what light can be proven to be. It travels at 186,000 miles in one second, that’s 700 million miles in one hour. It is as much part of the physical aspects of our universe as the 92 natural elements that make “everything” in it, including us. That, along with a picture ID will prove that you exist, along with the fact that you cast a shadow.


But… enough of fact. We are much more than fact. There is a “knowing” within that gives birth to our imaginings. The place of unsolved hopes that give us a reason to search far beyond our reach, so let us play! Let us imagine! What can we use in our game?


Light is light, little else is known. It takes energy to create it. Light from a flashlight, light from a star, they both have the same speed, well sort of. There is light we can see and light we cannot.


But these are all part of this physical world, what of the light that cradles in both worlds? Is that the light visible to us?


Solving for the unknown by using the known, this is something we learn early. It is known that we cannot ever achieve the speed of light, it is and will remain beyond us. The reason is found in the properties of light. That which is trying to achieve the speed of light is hindered by its own mass, its weight. As that mass speeds up, mass is gained. The faster it goes the more weight it gains and soon the energy required, just to keep going, reaches to infinity. So what sort of weight is gained? It isn’t body fat. It must be, it can only be of the same stuff our universe is made of?  Rocks, dust, suns, galaxies, all of the above.


Of the known, our own world, what does it tell us of what to expect? Water? Though what we see of our world is mostly water, in truth water is but 0.06% of the whole. Another, very obvious fact about our world is that life, any sort of life, is so very abundant. Life then, any sort of life at the speed of light has been around for just a fraction of a second. Time, as we have reasonably allowed it to mean to us is caught up in the speed of light and as such becomes meaningless, nearly unmeasurable. It will take a while for this to gel in the rational of our linear, undeviating, human conditioned mind.


This, however, only expresses in our physically human self and the strict limits within creation. Yet even within these limits there is the gnawing reality that time is not, at all, what we have made it. This then only agrees with the concept of our spiritual self that we are eternal and the concept of time does not exist. That time only exists as a blur of our own expectations, as a fraction of a fraction, a fraction we then call a lifetime.


Within this fraction then, all occurring as parallels of each other, time is standing still. So in this moment the dinosaurs still roam just over there, a cave man just brushed passed you. Christ will be sent to the cross when we turn around; dare you join the spectacle? Within these diminutive instances the distant past and future stand at equal distances from where you now stand. It is only your own expectation that keeps them apart… yet it is your own awareness of these expectations that sets you apart from the rest of creation, when and if the moment is allowed.


Dare you then allow the swirls of history, both past and present become part of the awareness you now hold? They are there, they are within reach, now. For time has not past, it remains intermingled with the present and future in the parallels created by the properties of light. Within our awareness, colored by the experiences we call life, flashes of the past and future become images we then call ghosts. People, like Nostradamus become aware of a future newscast and correctly foretells a future event. He is however, hindered by the limitations set onto him by his own place in the fantasy of time, masking his account. How many others have written history, then only to feel the need to cloud them into the confines of the regions of the place they call home?


Go then to the cave named Hira and sit with Mohammad as he comes out with the first version of what we now call Islam, it is after all still the year 570 AD. Only the fabrication we call time and the mentality of desert dwellers, both deep within their own human condition has changed Islam to what it is now. Go too into the same desert and find The Ark of the Covenant, search the fables of that reality, follow them to Ethiopia only to find yourself where and when you began; holding only the same faith that set you off. Faith is the imaginings of another,  who was as hindered as you by the same laws of creation. But the attempt, the search seems to require some sort of recognition, a slap on the back. Just calling yourself a light worker is surely not enough.. as we are all in fact… light.


The clues have always been there in plain sight. The moon remains 1.2 seconds away from us; the sun is still 8.5 minutes away. The stars more distant, but only in the limitation we call time. The ongoing cycle they show is one of constant change as well as the illusion of a distant reality… one of renewal, of renaissance. A rebirth into perhaps yet another form of life, a life that is in abundance in form and function, though never again as we are now. Fantasy and reality twirl and mingle as we add limitations far beyond those imposed by creation. So… let’s pretend, it’s nothing new.


The only constant in our physical world and that of spirit is the light. The light!  And again the clue is in plain sight. There is the light of our home in spirit and the light of our home in body. One casts shadows which we have interpreted as darkness and doubt. The other is simply light, light that casts now shadows.


What then is there light that casts no shadows?

When you are the light.