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Take the flight of the Phoenix, destroy all that you know and then rebuild, remembering who you are, who you’ve always been.


The one thing that has always plagued my young mind with wonder is the fact my whole life of living I’m but this little sponge, absorbing, and growing (a sponge with a brain and a heart, mind you).


I learn, I feel, I express, I share…


I am a dry sponge

commencing to absorb life’s juices

and when I’m saturated,

ring me out

enjoying the labored cocktail


The intricate detail of life from cell to macrocellular, subatomic to cosmic is so logical and yet infused with nothing logic can wrap around but lives.


Do I know where I go when I die? No, no zip code or planet or realm has revealed itself with any more certainty than the very breath of life that sustains me in this world where logic and spirit meet.


But I know that this little sponge may have something that dies, but that the part that logic cannot wrap around survives, endures…


The impermanence of life, why is it always a surprise? Why does it always hurt when we say goodbye, or see you later in my beliefs, when someone passes on?


Death [physical] is the only thing known without a shadow of doubt since birth.


Everything else is a shade of gray.


We spend our life cashing in seconds which become minutes, hours of days, endless days strung together until our time does come and we’ve found time is all we’ve spent. So busy making it through, worrying, fretting, fearing and keeping at bay our own thoughts of mortality.

We’ll beat it, right?


I’m not sure I would even if I knew how, while I’d love to always be here for my family, friends and, most importantly, my little girl; I’m not sure I’m equipped to even make such a decision, physical death vs physical immortality. Fortunately, that decision has already been made and I will always be here as we’re all truly connected: in spirit and in physicality.


My presence will not be any less if I no longer take breath.


I suppose one day we’ll understand death a bit more, but I feel first we must be aware of life, one’s life and what it means to live as designed.


Why do I live to wander?


Why do live to wonder?


Maybe I want to see myself in the streams, the glassy ocean, the fallen trees, high on the continental divide,

in Buddha, in Krishna, in the Holy grail, In Lak’ech…

The lips of a mother, the sigh of a father, the strength of a brother, the embrace of a sister

The dance of a lover, the smile of a friend, the compassion of a stranger, a child’s joy.

In the golden grain while it sways in the wind, the moon’s face, the sun’s grace…


Any of you

In this endless wake of today…

I wander and wonder


It’s not to be absorbed in self, but to embrace myself as I embrace others in being perfectly imperfect, a reflection of me. I am another you.


Love knows no boundaries or lines but is transcendence of what is.


Can you stand in that space, bearing the pain of the healing living at peace in being?


This is my invitation to you, and you, and you.