My previous post, “Hello, my name is Elijah”, was a guest post from my dear friend, Elijah. He does have a blog in the works for those of you who enjoyed his writing as well as he is someone I’ve shared quite a bit about here; mainly our relationship as spiritual partners as well as friends navigating this endless wake of today together. If you’re curious check this Elijah tag out. To say I’ve been distracted with his return from travels would be an understatement, however, I realized it’s time to do what my friend was able to do in one single post and that is be exactly who he is and share in such an open way that I asked myself how is it possible that I’ve been on here for 6 months and still not have revealed my whole story. Many of my posts are open, but there are still a few things that complete the picture revealing the whole of me.


One is that of my spirituality. I’m a deeply spiritual person, however, I don’t believe spirituality to be reserved for mountain top contemplation, vision quests, meditation, church, workshops, weekend retreats, or the like. To me, spirituality is a way of life, a way of being and the very essence of my path opened up in me writing a story, Glow, me finally living out an inner dream, an inner calling to live the life waiting for me once I let go of the one I planned. The result of this path is My Renaissance Life. Below is something that has been on this blog before, however, it’s been moved and changed but I feel it’s time to let it rest here with some of my beliefs, well, a beginning of sorts.  Of note, the Gospel of Thomas is from the Lost Gospels, Luminous Gospels, or perhaps best known as the Nag Hammadi Library. So this is a few panes of my stain glass window, my being of light. Be well!


People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within. -Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


One morning on our commute, my little one and I witnessed a hit and run. The odd thing about the accident was that it was caused, purposefully. One motorist was coming from the direction of a yield sign, the other motorist merging into the lane with the fellow not yielding… so they inched forward, finally hitting each other. Repeatedly. Because apparently once isn’t enough.


The saddest part wasn’t just the witnessing of this display, we know what happens in the world, and road rage is quite rampant. But my little one said “Mommy, why?” I could only reply:


Because both felt they had the “right of way”.


“I stood to my feet in the midst of the cosmos, appearing outwardly in flesh. I discovered that all were drunk but none were thirsty, and my soul ached for the children of humanity. For their hearts are blind. They cannot see from within. They have come into the cosmos empty, and they are leaving empty…” Gospel of Thomas logion 28


“Whoever has an ear for this should listen carefully! Light shines out from the center of a being of light and illuminates the whole cosmos…” Gospel of Thomas logion 24


We are not empty, we have a divine spark, we are the embodiment of light, of our creator. H/She lives through my breath, my voice, lives through me as me.


Lux Vivens………Living Light.


In the depths of ones memory, the recesses of ones mind, as soul, we shine with no knowledge but knowing for we have all but forgotten this other half that silently speaks from the center of ones being. I am one of many but part of the Whole, connected as ONE in a matrix that knows no substance. The thing that makes us the same is we are all different expressions in physicality; the thing making us feel different is forgetting we are of the same spirit, same light, same love. Until the time we FEEL ones spirit, ones light, ones love; like waves washing up along the shore, the gentle embrace of the tide coming home, the recognition I am another you.


“As you notice that a ray of light coming through a window is colored according to the shades of the different panes, so the divine ray shines differently in each creature” Bonaventure “Collations of the Six Days”.


So many aspects of nature and life are allowed to flourish despite differences. There are a multitude of flowers each unique in color, scent and shape. And yet we want people to conform to our belief, our truth as we’re so moved by what it has done for us. We could come together with the commonalities rather than focusing on the differences. You believe in God/Creator/Source great so do I, you believe in Love, Compassion, and Grace great, so do I.


“God becomes God when all creatures speak God forth: there “God” is born…and why do they not speak of the Godhead? All that is in the Godhead is One, and of this no one can speak.’ (Ekhart) In other words, when God created the world, when he spoke the world into being, the world turned and spoke back. Recognized God as its creator and spoke God’s praises. God thus became “God” only when something other than God came into being. So creation, paradoxically, marked God’s birth as “God”, as nameable. From Ekhart’s sermon 52 “when I went out from my own free will and received my created being, then I had a God, for before there were any creatures, God was not “God”, but he was what he was. But when creatures came to be and received their created being, then God was not God in himself, but he was ‘God’ in the creatures…” William Harmless, S.J., “Mystics”


What you name your God/Creator/Source is of no consequence. The labels in your belief system not important…for they’re a label of what already exists despite what WE label it. We all have a mission and purpose, but don’t let yours run over that of another. Be the grand sunflower in all your glory, but realize there are daisies, roses, tulips and hyacinths; put them together and what a beautiful garden. Why would anyone want just sunflowers or just tulips when diversity is our blessing. For as with the flowers so there is the Truth that all start from a seed or bulb that is planted, taken care of and lovingly nurtured to life. We all have a Divine seed, our spark of light, our soul and all need to be lovingly allowed to bloom; whatever that bloom may be.


The “right of way” How can there be any “right of way” in the realm of spirit expressed in physicality? To speak is to name, to place a word a description, hold too tight and one loses the very essence with literal meaning, try too hard and you think rather than know from the center of your being. To speak of what is, what isn’t, is to speak. Center the chaotic pools of doubt and uncertainty within. Listen with an inner ear that does not hear, see the inner vision that needs no sight, enlightened from the light from within and reflect as such to another. I am of flesh, I am of spirit, expressing here as spirit in physicality… one eternal, one limited in time.


“When you are able to make two become one, the inside like the outside, the outside like the inside, the higher like the lower, so that man is no longer male and a woman female, but a male and female become whole. When you are able to fashion an eye to replace an eye, and form a hand in place of a hand, or a foot for a foot, making one image supercede another-then you will enter in.” Gospel of Thomas logion 22


May you find blessings in each sunrise and prayers answered with each sunset.