Some of my fondest memories of childhood include waiting for my birthday cake reveal. I’ve had a myriad of cakes growing up ranging from Holly Hobby, a “Yellow Rose of Texas” cake, a Barbie cake with a dome-like dress the edible portion, to a rice crispy cake, red velvet cupcakes and finally carrot cake an all-time adult fave of mine. I think often we put off the sweet things in life for special occasions, however, in raising my own daughter I want her to have a slice of the sweet life daily, to enjoy it as it rolls in. I’ll drop what I’m doing to go dance to a song she’s turned up on the radio, we’ll make cupcakes to give to our neighbors adorned with gummy worms and thick layers of creamy frosting for fun, as well as we’ll take many pics with our silly faces commemorating the moment. So many elements of life are perfectly planned, organized and “right”, but I like life to be a bit messy, a bit mysterious, and filled with wonder and whimsy while grasping each moment as if it could be the last. Without further ado, let’s get on with some of my fave Renaissance Life cake.




I have the nickname bubbles. It’s true and I have this nickname because I adore imbibing beverages with bubbles, especially mineral water and champagne. Adding a little bit juice to the mix makes the bubbles tickling my throat all the more tantalizing. I adore mimosas because you can get away with drinking them any time of the day with brunch being my favorite for two reasons. One, I get to enjoy effervescent champagne bubbles in the morning and two, if I’m having brunch it means I got to catch a few more zzzz’s before opening my eyes. The brilliancy of mimosa is you do not need to use expensive champagne, but something that you like and blends well with whatever you mixologists add. I adore Francis Coppola’s Sofia Blanc de Blancs. Fruit can be a delicious compliment as well as raising the ordinary to extraordinary in how you adorn the glass. Cheers!



I think a daily dose of laughing, no matter what the source, is important for healthful living.  Just like the Audrey Hepburn I believe in pink quote stating “I believe laughing is the best calorie burner”, I completely agree that when we let ourself erupt in a belly laugh, a cheeky chuckle or giggle induced grin we open ourselves up to the natural healing our bodies can do as laughter is the best medicine much less enjoyable calorie burner. I could list numerous scholarly articles in support, but I think the feeling of laughing proof enough. On a more serious note, sometimes we do stop believing for a moment and that’s okay, that’s part of life, but don’t stop there…keep trucking along as you’ll find the sweet side of life is living through such moments. The journey between the real lesson and the version of you making it through the best slice of life-cake made.



I’m coming out of the Pop-Culture Snob closet as I adore reading Young Adult Urban Fantasy. It wasn’t until reading the month of May in “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin that I realized why I love reading what she terms Kidlit. I like testing the boundaries of my adult mind, allowing my imagination to soar as I enjoy reliving similar childhood moments felt while dreaming of what’s on the other side of the Wardrobe, the view from being a side-kick for a dream giving Big Friendly Giant, or joining the journey with Milo after crossing the threshold of The Phantom Tollbooth. I don’t feel it’s a coincidence that more recent Young Adult books are sweeping the nation with a fan base that includes pre-teen to post-menopause. There is something about these books that speaks to the child as much as the child within the adult. With the ability to choose your own adventure as well as get knee deep in ones imagination, where anything is possible as long as you believe. Karen Thompson Walker, author of “The Age of Miracles”, shares that a book about childhood is really about adulthood for children aren’t a different species, but rather adults-to-be. She goes on to say that often so much that transpires during childhood and adolescence does not come full circle until the adult is processing what that memory may come to mean.  Even then, as adults, we do not know everything all-the-while operating on partial truths and understandings of ourselves and the world around us and in reading stories about childhood that literal feeling of facing the unknown resonates as one never grows out of that feeling of not knowing what’s happening but carrying on anyway as that’s all one can do. I felt that similar deep thrill of unearthing the unexpected, much like the childhood wonder in finding a bright green chubby caterpillar ambling about on a summer day, while reading the Hourglass Door. I was captivated by a re-telling of a tale that includes pieces from our rich human history peppered with elegant prose that can hold its own against any critically acclaimed literature. Here’s an excerpt I especially adored:


“Before the beginning there was a void. A darkness then from out of the darkness came sound, the sound resonated through the darkness of the void, reaching… searching. And then in the darkness the sound met another of its kind and harmony was born, melody came next and the music of the spheres spread throughout the darkness infusing it with magic. The darkness felt the magic and heard the music and dreamed of sloughing off the shadows and dancing in the light. From the depths out of those dark dreams, time was born. When melody saw time dancing in the dark spaces she saw the future unspooling in his wake, she reached our for time, gathered him to her rhythms and in the darkness they kissed a midnight kiss. And thus was born the first dawn of creation”


I often wonder if Romeo and Juliet would be considered Young Adult now. This genre used to be something I wrestled with as if a confining box or something that defined me, because Glow is just that, Young Adult Urban Fantasy and doesn’t seem like proper writing. All that is behind me now as I look at it this way {telling my inner critic to get in the back seat as I’m driving this literary bus}; it’s enjoyable, people like it and I love writing it as it lights up my eyes regardless of not paying any bills other than chipping away at the amassed debt of an un-lived authentic life. When one is meant to write something, the stars align and the universe sends signs until you cannot ignore the gentle nudging any longer!


I have 5 versions of the song “I Want You to Want Me”, I was content with Cheap Trick’s rendition until a friend of mine turned me on to this version by Letters to Cleo. I adore this song and it’s perfect for kicking off your shoes and shakin’ it a lil’ bit in your living room all the while singing at the top of your lungs, hypothetically speaking, of course!


This is a luxury or if you look at it in the right light, a golden ticket. I bought this OPI 18K gold top coat and realized that while it’s expensive, the flecks of real gold catch the sunlight in such a way that it’s quite beautiful compared to any man-made glitter. For the price of one manicure, I enjoy putting it on all by itself for a little sparkle to brighten my day. Unlike the salon manicure, which doesn’t last more than a week or so, I’ll be enjoying the golden flecks for quite a while. My daughter and I experimented on her hot pink tootsies which looked all the more fabulous with the gold speckled top coat. We all need a little sparkle in our life. Seriously!



I adore looking at the NASA APOD Archive picture of they day as looking at the cosmos helps my problems seem a little bit smaller when comparing to the grand scale of the universe. I also adore the Andromeda Galaxy which is the closest galaxy to our home galaxy, The Milky Way. This image shows the two in a cosmic dance and, interestingly enough, they’re set on a collision course with the spectacle to occur about 4 billion years from now. These two galaxies are even closer to my heart as they are both a part of Glow.



While writing I like to harness all my senses to help the inspirational flow undulate and grow while tapping my Mac keys or using my fountain pen script to adorn the crisp white paper. I like to have music playing {typically my running playlists} as well as this Thai Lilly Boho Candle aglow on my desk. This serves as a double whammy as after I’m done using the illumination and scent to spur my expression, I can use the diminutive chevron votive for corralling spare change or treasures my little girl seems to thrive on collecting; showing me that sometimes the small things in life are just as sweet and special as the bigger moments we share.


I hope you enjoyed my Slice of Life list, I enjoy sharing my faves. Be well!