I hope you all had a sparkly and safe 4th of July! Mine ended with fireworks, Sofia Blanc de Blanc Mini and an amazing dessert cake, Marjolaine. I put a few finishing touches on the new Glow excerpt, the impetus for this piece a birthday surprise for Elijah (the symbolic Grayson in my life) who shares our nation’s birthday. This is happening right after the “Sky Seems Dusted with Stars” portion. I’ll keep my intro short as the excerpt is quite long for blog word count ;) 



Chapter 13: Let the Sparks Fly

Looking back up at him I see his eyes momentarily flash blue then return to the usual smoldering charcoal gray. Hmmm, I wonder what that is about? I’m surprised I’ve never witnessed his changeling eyes. Considering it was met with a twinge in my heart it seems that his eye color matches his emotions and blue represents sadness? That’s odd, usually it has to do with one’s clothes, or so I thought.  I hope I do not witness that again as I don’t like how that felt at all!


“Grayson, I never noticed your eyes change color. They flashed crystal blue for a moment, is everything okay?” I ask unsure if he’ll answer or brush it off as the night sky casting shadow.  He can be so mysterious sometimes; I have to pull info out of him rather than the norm of people spilling their life stories upon making my acquaintance. Most are comfortable with me; the whole angel aspect helps with this as it’s important for others to feel safe in our presence, but even in being incarnated there should be some sort of a subconscious pull to share with me. I wonder why it doesn’t work on him? That is yet another mystery for Grayson Saks! He’s racking up quite the list.


“My eyes are hazel, except they’re more like tandem mood reflectors. They’ll flash with my feelings much like a chameleon only I match the inside, rather than blending in with my surroundings.  I’m the only one in my family with them and that’s what brought the blues…my brother had hazel eyes too. We were the only two in the Saks lineage with the trait, he was 5 years older. While it’s been 7 years since his death, I miss him terribly. Some say the pain will go away but I say they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. I would do anything to bring him back, anything! We used to hike up here often to get away from the pressures of life and dream of our future. We’d race up the trail at dusk so there was just enough light to get us to the top. Going down in the dark was always a breeze, for some reason, the moonlight our guide. But one night our life changed permanently all due to a stupid stupid mistake! I never felt so helpless as I did the moment I saw him taken away…” His voice trails off as the crystal blue ripples again, threatening to take over. Instinctively, I take his hand in mine, his eyes snap back to gray pulling me in along with his intense gaze now fixed on me.


“I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say as I’ve never lost a family member. But as you spoke tears rimmed my eyes, I could feel your pain and loss. You’ve been carrying that around for a while, Grayson. Sometimes, contrary to what one would think, those feelings need to surface, tapping into the deep then letting it go like balloons floating up, up and away. Looking down at his fingers interlaced in mine, gentle yet strong, like a knot tying us together. Suddenly, I feel a bit dizzy, my mind’s eye flooded with the image of his hand caressing my face. Sifting through it I realize it’s his thought, he’s allowing the mental image to actually be passed between the two of us!  Wow, he’s very open right now for that to happen. Looking up, I’m met with inquiring violet-gray eyes, his energy dancing above my body as it mingles with mine. Our fields like old friends, settling into an embrace as he moves his hand up my arm trailing one finger over my shoulder and across my collarbone, gliding up effortlessly leaving a trail of blush, igniting me from within. Almost instantaneously, he’s caressing my face, his thumb tracing my jaw line then up and around my lips, tiny circles sending shockwaves exploding from my heart, like a sparkler lit radiating out in intensity until finally erupting into a full-body blush. Oh my stars, how divine his touch feels!


“May I …” He begins while leaning down to me. I reach my arms up encircling his neck stopping him from completing the question. Of COURSE he can kiss me!  He pulls me closer knowing I’m saying yes, my whole body is telling him yes.  His lips envelope mine with just the right pressure, deep soul exchange-of-spirit kissing, leaving me weak in my knees. Man alive, I need to get a handle on my reactions as this boy just melts me!


“I got you” Grayson murmurs pulling me closer to him. I feel every plane of his martial arts trained body pressing into mine. I fit right into his curve like a molded statue, almost as if we’re the two halves made whole when together. Leaning into him I steady myself while we kiss, the tempo now matching our hearts racing. I’m trying to control my reactions as I feel he and I at the same time, there is gain as our desire and passion builds into one desire, one passion to the point I finally release, letting it flow through me, feeling his body respond to my body even though he’s likely unaware of the subtle energy fluctuation. However, being much more sensitive, this is almost too much, my physical body is not attune to such a charged pulse.


My eyelids flutter open met with Grayson peering back at me, his eyes glinting violet matched with an equally fitting heart-breaking grin slowly spreading across his face only to stop short at his gleaming eyes, which now register… surprise?


“Lux, why are you glowing?” his voice filled with concern but his tone telling me he’s more curious than worried.


“Ummm….well, I put on shimmer lotion before going out with you, so perhaps the moonlight is creating the glimmer making it look like I’m glowing in the night” my voice tiny as if asking rather than stating this as a fact. Silently, I cross my fingers hoping the excuse will suffice all the while wondering what part of me is illuminated. I was not aware I activated a scroll while kissing him, however, anything is possible given what just transpired between us. Blushing again I look up only to be met by his same curious gaze. Thank the heavens he’s still holding me, after our kiss the loss of him running down the mountain in the opposite direction of me would be too much to bear.


“You’re meaning to tell me that your whole body is glowing from shimmer lotion? Do you typically rub it on the back of your neck?” chuckling as his hand brushes my golden locks back admiring the length of my neck. Looking back at me, he raises his eyebrow indicating he’ll patiently wait for me to divulge this secret. Man alive, who thought Pandora’s box would be blown open so soon. And from a kiss!


I can now see the glow reflected in his eyes underneath his questioning brow, he’s not kidding! While I felt a bit flushed I didn’t realize I was glowing all over, this… is… new.  How am I going to explain something I don’t even know myself; my thoughts swirling I realize, again, that Grayson’s eyes are glinting violet.


“Grayson, what does violet colored eyes mean?” trying to change the subject of my effervescent body a glowing orb in the night. My mind still reeling from our first kiss, my body buzzing and heart thumping, I hope he can’t feel it as it’s about to take flight from my chest. I offer a smile hoping that this diversion will buy me some time to figure out what’s up with me.


“Violet? Really? Are you sure it’s not the moonlight, haha, Lux, despite my apparent changing eye color you’re not getting out of this one. We’ll stay up here until you answer my question. There is more about you, I knew it! But I have to admit; I’m not sure what, I just know it’s there, glowing below the surface. ” Winking at me he does seem genuinely prepared to stay up here all night as well as unbelieving or really unconcerned that his eyes are now violet.


“Grayson, just as I’m here glowing, so too you have violet gleaming eyes that only seem to get brighter and brighter the more we talk.” Shoot! Why did I remind him of my glow? I feel my wings shifting, letting me know I could…fly away? I mean really, as if that would help things. Seeing so many threads of the future, I’m not sure which one to grasp and follow. Something is interfering with the clarity of the resonant path. Perhaps my emotions are clouding such, as it looks like I’ll just have to wing it. Ugh, funny Lux! I quietly admonish myself for that choice of phrase. But as that thought settles I feel my center tickle letting me know that’s a clear path; one riddled with meaning, however just what it means eludes me still but I’m ever grateful to have a clue. My wings being to rustle threatening to unfurl right here and now, only I’m not sure if I’m to truly follow that. Am I to reveal my celestial origins to Grayson here and now? I can see no rational explanation for my glow other than cluing him into my angelic self. This is a bit disconcerting as all angels on celestial carnation know it’s forbidden to walk among the humans with them aware of our unearthly origin. The angelic presence and knowing of such is reserved for those guiding the earthly inhabitants not while walking side-by-side as part of the human race.  When clothed in physical form, we weaken our being to be able to exist in such a tangible, crystalline form of fluid energy, the source of all beings; the source creation itself. While I can fly away, I‘m still physical and partially bound by certain physical laws of the universe. What goes up must come down, eventually. When I land who knows what I would be met with, who would see me, or catch my blip on the radar screen as I glide through the valley? I feel my excitement build at the prospect, my wings itching to expand and stretch in such an open peaceful space perfect for such flights of fancy. Still, I can’t risk it. I’m unsure as to why I’m here so suddenly; the events immediately prior to my celestial carnation are a blur. I knew it would be difficult to remember but it feels like my memories have been wiped clean or at the very least, heavily bound, which is odd. Who would bind them if not me?


Grayson clears his throat breaking up my musings, shifting position and then settling back into his penetrating gaze, as if delving into my soul looking for the answers there, for which he’d find them if he was a soul seeker. He’s not going to let me off on this one. I sense he knows of the inner debate happening below the surface, the STILL glowing surface. Which, by-the-way, is such an enigma as kissing a boy has never been a “talent” known to me before as I’ve never kissed a boy before or truthfully, I’ve never kissed anything or anyone. Typically just the script portion of my scroll illuminates, not my entire body. I feel a giggle escape as how could kissing be an ability of mine? Let alone one bestowed on angelic warrior with my extensive scrolls. There must be more to this, when I get back home I’ll have to ask Uncle Orley.


“Lux, I can tell you’re struggling, it’s okay. I trust you and will not react in any other way than keep my mind open. You are, in fact, glowing for which I realize this will be something I have not encountered nor learned about before. Given my apparent violet eyes, which is something new to me, as well as your empathic ability you’ve mentioned before, I realize you’re sensitive. You’re usually bursting to share with me, so with stalling and the doe-in-headlights look in your eyes…well, this seems to be new to you…glowing, that is. We’re both experiencing firsts tonight. Come to think of it though, the glow is similar to when I held your hand as we exited the Haunted Mansion at Cirque du Spirit. Only now, it’s deeper and more radiant.  You’re very beautiful here beneath the moonlight night sky and the twinkling stars, it’s like you’re a beacon, one equally of grace and hope to help man get through the darkest of nights.” He turns his head upward as if that was answering his question; that I’m from above rather than below what’s above.


“How about I share about my brother, Jake, and then if your comfortable you can tell me what is raging inside of you. I don’t like seeing you so distressed. What is it that you want to say? Like you told me, it’s best to let it surface and then let go. You need to let go of this, it’s beating you like a club!” Looking back at me I can see that he’s sincere. Pulling my hand into his, gently stroking the center of my palm with his thumb in an endless spiral, which is oddly calming to me as I exhale the breath I was holding, my wings tucked in and Pandora’s box safe for the moment…