“Every object, every being is a jar full of delight. Be a connoisseur and taste with caution.” ~Rumi

This is a Renaissance Redux as I posted this originally February 2, 2012. I’m knee deep in writing some new pieces for Glow; Bangy, an eidolon rider, and Murmur, the eidolon, will be making their debut soon! While writing I’m listening to another duo with a rockin’ rendition of “Walk This Way”, {for the purists, I’m sorry, but I do adore the Run DMC-Aerosmith version as well}. If you’re curious click the link then continue walking your way down this page as I share some of my jar of delight. When I have a Glow excerpt that isn’t too rough, I’ll share. Promise.

jar of delight 2

I recently entered the realm of Pinterest, a website that taps into the creative outlet of expression via web images. Tiny polaroids that capture the essence of the moment exactly as one wants to share that you then assemble on pin-boards with crafted titles and witty descriptions.

{globe-trot, deeeelish, whimsy and wonder, flight of fancy, oooh la la, cafe artiste, style pillar, myriad of mark are a few examples of mine.}


When I was in High School I used to cut images out of magazines as well as a plethora of  words and then assemble as collages for notebooks, binders or little vessels that I would give away to friends and family. I used scissors and modge podge then, however, now the glue holding things together seems virtual and yet there is a reality in the matrix bringing us together, here and now.


I heart words


I am amazed at the outlets available to us now for expression of self, expansion of happiness. From blogging, to social networking, online dating services, experience sites for anonymous sharing or vicariously living, virtual writing cafes and web hosted photo albums.  I remember when the internet wasn’t a web entangling you as your hours slip away chatting here, reading there, uploading and downloading simultaneously, the pulse of the world at one’s fingertip. Shopping but a click away, wanting to know who said “There is geometry in the humming of the strings…there is music in the spacing of the spheres” seconds from becoming a permanent factoid in your databank once “googled” {Pythagoras is credited with that quote}, a “place” where you can instantly purchase a song/playlist off iTunes or go watch the video on youtube. Most websites have series of buttons so that you can instantly share anything and everything with a click of the mouse (or touch screen).


While I like this connectedness I find sometimes I long for a conversation versus chat or text, I prefer to write with a fountain pen and paper rather than type on this Mac, to feel and touch the object-of-desire rather than view it prior to purchase, receive a hug rather than two yellow smiley faces simulating a hug (like PacMan meets Barney)…


I’m not old but when I reminisce about these things I feel a little older in that I can stand from my vantage point now and remember the pinnacles of change in this lifetime that only seem to be picking up momentum as we continue spiraling out in technology. I find myself  drawing a part of myself inward as I outwardly expand and express that self’s discoveries. With that, I’m very thankful to have this opportunity to share my jar full of delight even if it’s on a “page” with my visage on it, but who knows, maybe someday we’ll find ourselves around a bonfire recounting stories and memories rather than posting or replying {if so I’ll bring the s’mores}.  ‘Til then, happy reading and thanks for stopping by.