Naked and Famous

Yes, you read that right…Naked and Famous, otherwise known as the band that entertained me Monday night at the Crystal Ballroom. Being a divorced co-parent means I have time to myself, a new found luxury that if approached from the right perspective can be quite fulfilling as the more I find my happiness, the more I reflect such to my little girl. In the past year and a half I’ve seen more of this city I live in than the previous 4 years combined. I’ve found my favorites: my favorite Tapas place, my favorite place to imbibe mojitos (after Imbibe my go-to spot for margaritas closed), my favorite bookstore, Powells, (it takes up a whole city block), my favorite Thai haunt, my favorite boutiques, my favorite coffee shop/bakery, my favorite breakfast place-Bumblekiss-that is more like my “Cheers” or Central Perk in “Friends”, and my favorite drive to work when I want to take a few moments before leaving the double doors of life. I used to live for work, now I truly work to live. While I continue to find the pulse of this new life of mine, my renaissance life, I take thoughtful pause then breathe easy knowing I’m on my way.

I’ve worked very hard to get myself back on the path of resonance rather than contented discontent. I found great resonance Monday night while the base pulsed through my body. The poetry in this all is I had the desire to live out loud and go to the concert as I’m no longer married or in my disconnected zombie-like state and yet the one I’m no longer married to introduced me to this song Young Blood as we were navigating our separation and life changes. While we knew we didn’t work together, we were determined to work as co-parents and friends; well being a parent is a given, some things are harder to work out when more than the parents are involved. But I’m thankful for being introduced to Naked and Famous, they sure rocked the floating floor Monday night, and I feel you’ll be hearing a lot of them in the years to come.

Happiness is a conscious choice and I choose to shift my perspective. I choose to see the laser lights through the chandelier. Be well… xoxo Kristy

Let there be light!