“A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost”.  ~Marion C. Garretty


Match.com   (haha, this is a bit of a joke that will make sense after reading below) But for all of you looking for your match… here you go.


Sunday I returned from sisters’ weekend, which included the day my little sister, Al, in medical school found out where she’ll be spending the next 3-4 years. This was a big deal as the celebration was streamed on the internet while the M4’s (medical students year 4) opened their envelopes and read out loud their “match” for residency in front of a large audience of classmates’ family and friends. My sister has this crazy idea that she wants to be a pediatric oncologist (which is a lot of years post graduate school) but hey, this is her career so a few years now may mean less later if she didn’t follow her heart. I do feel a pastry chef exists in her.. ahem, right…pediatric oncologist who moonlights as a baker. Works for me as long as she’s sending those pastries my way ;)


Both James and I hopped planes from either coast and headed inland. My flight was delayed, of course, because the door to the plane that lets us outta the flying airbus was stuck. My first flight landed at the exact time that my connecting flight was to board. I was running with my bags (which had 3 pairs of shoes by-the-way = not light), along with my books, journals and laptop I convinced myself I needed along with waaaaay too many clothes (that’s a fact). As I approached my gate, which was in the farthest terminal, I noticed the plane was just de-boarding (ummm de-planing?) so I grabbed a boars head turkey sandwich, along with all the men in suits around me, as we ate our “dinner” while staring at the ticket agent. I was polite, but others felt giving her the stink eye would apparently move the maintenance guy along in his repairs of the cable that came loose. Side note, has anyone read the report about Fed Ex and their planes NEVER being delayed? Well this was going through my mind while munching on my sandwich as the ticket agent messed with us by leaving the desk and heading toward the plane. Smiling, I chatted with the suits waiting for the moment they begin boarding the plane as a nice fellow went and got some iced caffeine for me (soy lattes are a huge vice of mine, like daily if not twice daily…) About an hour later we’re boarded and I was sooooo ready to be done flying, while secretly praying that nothing “loosens” while we’re in the air.


My sisters picked me up at the curb as I peeled off my PacNW layers ready for the warmth, the humidity I can do without unless looking like Medussa IS the look I’m going for. I finally understand humidity hair spray in tiny doses, finally… after my trip to New Orleans last summer which was pretty much Medussa tamed in a pony tail. We proceeded back to Al’s apartment, which is like an adult’s apartment and not a student’s let alone med student’s pad, she has style and oddly enough all us sisters are similar in taste yet our expression of such comes out quite differently.


Match day comes and my hair is really not liking the humidity, but such is my lot in life. Sitting in the auditorium, James looks at me and says “we need to find you a husband”, lending a whole new meaning to match day (the reason for match.com ). I just shrugged my shoulders and said “nah, I’ve had one of those…” then I admit I ended up looking at each guy who went up to the stage to open his letter and am afraid to say the only one holding any interest was the one in a clown suit that resembled one I wore when 10 years old (I’m not kidding, I swear even the alternating polka dots and stripes is just like the pattern my mom used!), but more for a party for Mars than a date for me.


Plus, if I’m going to land a doctor better be one with a few years until retirement than one just starting out. I’d rather enjoy our time rather than count the seconds I see him…but I digress, I was not looking for a match or even a good-looking mismatch. I have someone much better in my life…a to-be-continued I believe I termed him…


Anyway, back to match day proper, Al’s name was finally called and she went up to then read the name of her top choice! Woohoo, let the  celebration begin!!!


The next day was shopping and boy, did we. I’ll include a few pics of things that caught my eye. It’s an odd assortment for which I have no explanation other than, that’s me. A little bit of this, a little bit of that…voila, I’m like a quilt rather than fleece blanket.

Floating sparkly dresses…slightly nausea inducing…

Sharp Shooter, this one definitely caught my native Montanan eye!

We went into a store called Imaginarium that was filled with stuff…no other description fits other than, stuff. This is “hot pants” stuff!

I adore Lana Del Rey!

Beaded Rainbow


While headed to happy hour at a place called Hiro (not to be phonetically confused with Hero, for which I did thinking Al was taking us to a sports bar and not a Asian Fusion establishment) we passed a bead shop going out of business so I picked up a few pieces for Mars and I to string later. While being rung up, everything was 70% off, the lady informed me the bean bag size of glass beads would be about 200 dollars… who knew that each bead was about 2 grams and at 85 cents per gram the grand total a few Benjamins?!?!?! Yeah, I passed informing the shop owner “apparently I don’t know math well” for which my sisters could only chuckle, later telling me it’s not my math per se, but my assessing the weight of a bead, lol. While resting at Hiro for happy hour (say that five time fast!) I had a few decent mojitos while noshing on crab rangoon, sushi and edamame. The weekend was completed with amazing Indian food, shopping until we dropped, cocktails and wine, me sleeping in due to my west coast circadian rhythm and laughs…my sisters and I know how enjoy our time with each other. I’m including this pic as I finally learned my lesson with remembering where I park in long term economy parking. One time I didn’t even pay attention I was so busy trying to not miss my flight to New Orleans and upon returning had to psychic GPS walking around the parking lot (which was shaky back then), the next time I remembered the letter but not the color… but found it none-the-less while feeling a bit sheepish as the bus driver was circling the parking lot following my “here..now turn here…” However, this time I was quick take a look…



Yup….I took a picture of the sign! I had no issues finding my car this time :)


With our sisters weekend over,  I returned to life as usual enjoying pizza making with Mars squeezing in time together before going to bed and I actually unpacked my suitcase the same day I came home. Once bedtime hit it was russian roulette as no pullups could be found in the house… so she went to bed in underwear and…lets just say we’ve been washing bedding (mine and hers) tonight, enjoying the vegan chocolate banana muffins we baked and giggling while making silly faces in the mirror. I adore my little girl, she lets me be who I am. She’s a perfect match!