“Have patience with everything unresolved in your heart and to try to love the questions themselves as if they were locked rooms or books written in a very foreign language. Don’t search for the answers, which could not be given to you now, because you would not be able to live them. And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer.” ~Rainier Maria Rilke


“Angels appear to transcend all cultures, races, and systems. They are a part of human history and civilization, sometimes at the forefront, other times in the shadows, but they are always there. They don’t belong to any one particular religion, although many modern people try to associate them with Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. No one religion holds total responsibility for the belief in angels. In truth, these religions only support the existence of angels, they didn’t create them.” ~Silver Ravenwolf from Angels


Well, I don’t really inhabit a secret world but I’ve come to find that the world I thought I lived in does not have the boundaries I had so assuredly created. A week or so ago Mars and I went to the movie “The Secret World of Arietty”, which is a wonderful little tale about a little being meeting a human being (or bean as they called humans). The girl, Arietty, and the boy, Sean, bond out of their mutual curiosity of the other and end up forging a life changing friendship. The two worlds meet and even if just the two, Arietty and Sean, are forever changed from the chance encounter, there is a ripple effect between us all as we share, become aware and grow. We’re not disconnected autonomous units; we’re all connected and I’m hoping to help share and illustrate how I’ve come to believe this as a truth. You could look to quantum physics with consciousness, but I don’t believe it’s consciousness alone that is our spiritself, that may be part of our expression here in physical form, but not our being in its eternal essence.


It’s true that if you look down and around you, you will not see your self “literally” connected to another (like skin, bones, sharing of organs etc) but there is another part of our body that often goes unnoticed in today’s society (and definitely Western Medicine). It’s a body (subtle energy body) that is beginning to gain more acknowledgement as just as much a part of oneself as ones physical body. We all know of the mind and body connection, but we’re spirit too. The interplay between all three, within oneself and with others around, helps shed a little light into the beings we’re designed to be. [I’m still learning/remembering more about this from Lou, Ann and other’s I’ve met but here’s a portion I’ve come to be comfortable sharing.]


There is a term of empathic resonance, being empathic. While many will tout it as a gift that only some have, in truth its something we all (mammals) have as an instrumentality to help us relate with one another. It’s your level of sensitivity and allowing such that will result in your being open or closed off to this ability. In short it’s non-verbal communication that resides with emotions, being attune to another’s emotional state. How can this be so? There are no neurotransmitters floating between the space between you and I for me to feel you, to know your sadness… emotions are often not even an emotion but a mood where one is trapped in “thinking” about how one feels rather than feeling and letting it flow.


From the General Theory of Love” By Thomas Lewis M.D., Fari Amini M.D., Richard Lannon M.D.


In this book, we demonstrate that where intellect and emotion clash, the heart often has the greater wisdom. In a pleasing turnabout, science-Reason’s right hand-is proving this so. The brain’s ancient emotional architecture is not a bothersome animal encumbrance. Instead, it is nothing less than the key to our lives. We live immersed in unseen forces and silent messages that shape our destinies. As individuals and as a culture, our chance for happiness depends on our ability to decipher a hidden world that revolves-invisibly, improbably, inexorably-around love.


From birth to death, love is not just the focus of human experience but also the life force of the mind, determining our moods, stabilizing our bodily rhythms, and changing the structure of our brains. The body’s physiology ensures that relationships determine and fix our identities. Love makes us who we are, and who we can become”.


Now I’ve shared before how love is a tarnished temple, and it’s true. In being tarnished there is a poverty of spirit in this world we live in, this hidden world revolves around love and if not fueled in love as designed then this void or absence results. We think we love, but love is an emotion and part of an entirely different world than thought, the secret world for which I hope we all open ourselves up to. I feel through spirit self we are love expressed here, to be unknowing of love, one is unknowing of ones spirit, ones inherent state of being.


Not only can I feel another’s emotions, I can actually sometimes feel with my subtle energy body emotions, dancing above my body from static electricity to full on bursts like fireworks. Laughter and happiness are wonderful feelings; while sadness or anger is something I’d rather feel less of.  I also receive knowing of another this way (like a hurt knee or other things about a person that have not been directly communicated to me) and often just as much someone I’ve never met as the person sitting next to me or across the room. Things that make you go hmmm ;) I’m going to share another piece of Anachel, it’s a rough cut but still glows on its own.

******FROM ANACHEL******


Flight of Spirit

On the first page, of this story….


Truly the first page was written long ago. The beginning unknown for I only remember my part and the resonance found therein. No matter what the start there is no need for hesitancy in the first step for when you begin your path, when you’ve answered the call you come from a resonant oneself, you must take the road less traveled for its is YOUR road and those along the way are but messengers and there are Reflectors helping you move along and Deflectors not feeling nor seeing the being pass by and wanting to piggy back or throw you on their back. Fear not, for you are not alone, we all have our path to trod and we’re here to see each other through.


I’ve recently learned of messengers, in fact I wrote about some in my story Glow that have since entered my life. The first I found being Elijah or Gracon, the balance for me or Luxiel. Two that immediately feel a connection but are unknowing just what that connection means. This was written September 2009 and we met June 2010. From the first posts on his stories, it was evident that our connection was there and yes we didn’t understand. For who feels someone over the internet, who knows when the other has a headache or hurt their knee, who knows when the other is struggling to find the words yet understands what was not said anyway, through typed convo, who writes of happenings that have not happened [however symbolically it may be]…who writes and believes in angels…here on Earth….


 When I find excerpts that say it well why reinvent the wheel :)


 From Angel Miracles, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger


“Yes we believe in angels—and we are not alone. According to a poll conducted by the Time magazine, 69% Americans believe in the existence of angels, and 46% are certain they have their own guardian angels to watch over them. Of those men and women polled by the newsmagazine, 32% claim that they have personally felt the presence and or guidance of ethereal entities in their lives.


Other Polls conducted by Self Magazine found that 87% of their readers believed in angels. Leger Marketing Survey of Canadians indicated that 57.1% of the population of Canada believes in angels. Scripps Howard News Service released their findings that one of out of every five Americans believes he or she has seen an angel or knows someone who has. A Gallup Poll stated that 72% of Americans believed in angels compared to 96% who believed in God and 90% who believed in Heaven. A Harris Poll declared that 68% of the Americans believed in an angelic guardian.


An Associated Press survey stated that 97% of evangelical Christians counted on their angels to guide them in life. The same AP poll revealed that even among individuals without religious affiliation, more than 50% believed in angels. Among the general population, 81% acknowledged the existence of angels.


Since 1968 we have been distributing the Steiger Questionnaire of Mystical and Paranormal Experiences to our readers and lecture audiences. Of the more than 30,000 respondents, 78% percent claim to have witnessed angelic activity on Earth, 89% believe they have personally interacted with a guardian angel or spirit guide, and 77% say that they have had an encounter with a benevolent being of light. Our respondents generally describe the beings as beautiful of countenance and often majestic and awesome. Manifestations of light often accompany the heavenly beings, adding to the grandeur of their appearance and the feeling of profound reverence that suffuses those who encounter them.


The broadcast definition of an angel is simply one who serves as a messenger of God. In this sense a living person could certainly serve in such a capacity and serve God’s purpose by delivering a particular thought, knowledge, or counsel that one might require at a certain crisis point…


Some skeptical psychologists and other researchers suggested that those individuals who believe in a guiding and protective angel may be accessing an as-yet-little-known power of the mind, which enables one’s subjective level of consciousness to dramatize another personality, complete with a full range of personal characteristics and its own voice. Such a theory sounds too much like a description of mental illness to those men and woman who are convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they were guided, directed and protected by a spiritual being. Those who believe completely without question that they interacted with a guardian angel stoutly maintaining the reality of a spiritual guide or teacher is so much more than any kind of psychological phenomenon….


All the great world religions have some kind of tradition of a guardian angel or spiritual guide assigned to each individual human soul. The ancient teachings are also in agreement that angels are an earlier and separate order of creation from that of human beings, who were sculpted from the dust of the earth, and who were brought into being a little lower in the hierarchy than the angels.


[going to paraphrase for a sec]

Mesopotamians called their spirit guardians Shedu and the Lamassu

Sanskrit in the ancient Vedas called the angels Angira

In Hebrew Malakh or Bene Elohim

Arabic Malaka

India angels or beings called Garudas

Islam first order Malakh (light), second the Al-jinn (ethereal), then human beings fashioned out of the stuff of earth”


I’ll come back to the Angel Miracles later but that’s enough for now. Especially, because I haven’t even put the other belief systems that too have their version ;)


I’ve talked about labels, I’ve talked about belief systems, and I’ve talked about perceptions and perspectives serving as filters. For when the messages/knowing start coming in it’s what YOU do with it that will shape it and form it. I have to say that’s a lot of deluded people believing in angels if it truly is mental trickery.


There’s more to the story, that is the infinite gray in this black and white world we try and paint, you hear the below ringing from East to West, North to South.


There must be a right and wrong, I must have the right GOD/Creator/Source/Spirit/Being and thus the beliefs that go along with it. Now, to understand threads of truth connecting all, to those that the Creator is one of LOVE… do you really think that with the diversity of mankind, the differing cultures and customs that so too beliefs wouldn’t be bestowed [or evolved] in such a manner? And again what is done with it is on Mankind and as with balance there are silent forces that unknowingly affect the ability to inherently know and understand.


Love, compassion and grace, other tenets so simple yet when one uses PRIDE in ones TRUTH with the belief it often leads to war of words then the war of weapons, for the ends seem to justify the means in the right and wrong world of black and white.


We’ve seen the effects of censorship [effects of polarized thinking], from indigenous beliefs/texts/spiritual practices destroyed and those converted to the oppressors belief and often the oppressor was within the SAME belief (reference Nag Hammadi library, apocrypha, etc). When the message is filtered through the person with the belief then it’s censored and shaped into what that one being [or a Council] deems appropriate.


No wonder there’s so many out there and yes to truly understand unity the “I am another you” well… that doesn’t provide the clarifier [as long as you eat, sleep, look, think, speak, believe] as I. For the human being always pervades the belief. And to realize that then the true spirit in physicality pattern to creation can unfold.




I know some will say.. but you’re still talking about angels. Well, yes it’s a belief of mine. Doesn’t mean I don’t understand it more and honestly just because you have a book, or a belief that does not hold angels, doesn’t matter. As I’ve stated above so many beliefs/belief systems state “we have the Truth”well, yeah…many do.


From Cynthia Bourgeault:


“Like most other critically thinking Christians, I see the bible as a symphony (sometimes a cacophony!) of divinely inspired human voices bearing witness to an astonishing evolutionary development in our human understanding of God (or God’s self-disclosure as we grow mature enough to begin to comprehend it, another way of saying the same thing.) The Old Testament, whose 46 books span well over a millennium in their dates of composition, also straddles what scholars call ‘The first axial period,’ when spontaneously, across the entire globe, human spiritual consciousness seemed to take a huge evolutionary leap forward. In the same time frame that the Biblical psalms were being composed, the planet was also being graced with the Buddha, Lao-Tse, Zoaroaster, and Plato: a quantum leap in human understanding and ethical vision. It simply defies credibility—my credibility, anyway!— to believe that the early Old Testament teachings on animal sacrifice and ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ are at the same level as Ezekiel’s luminous axial prophecy, ‘I will take away your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh’ or Jesus’ stunning ‘Love your enemy; bless those who revile you.’


This is not in any way to demean holiness of the Bible, but only to affirm that God reveals Godself in time, through process and dialogue, not in unchanging monolithic statements. This does not make the bible less sacred; it makes it more sacred, for it grounds God’s divine presence in the lived reality of our human experience… As a Christian, when confronted by a tension between a religious certainty which leads me to violate the law of love and a deep unknowing that still moves in the direction of ‘loving my neighbor as myself,’ I am bound to choose the latter course. Was it not the Pharisees, those so sure that they had ‘the law and Moses on their side,’ who were the first to condemn Jesus to the grave? And make no mistake: The word Pharisees does not mean ‘the Jews;’ that utterly reprehensible piece of scapegoating was a product of the early Christian church. Rather, ‘Pharisee’ names the spiritual sclerotic in each one of us who would prefer the certainty of an unchanging rulebook to the radical open-endedness of God’s ongoing self-revelation in love. If I really follow what the bible teaches, it seems to me that I need to be constantly laying my human arrogance (and in Latin, this word comes from ‘a-rogo,’ or ‘I have no questions’), upon the altar of God’s constantly demonstrated delight in new beginnings. ‘I will be what I will be,’ is the name he asked Moses to know him by in the book of Exodus. With that as one line of bearing on my thinking, and the steadily increasing revelation of God’s mercy and compassion as the other, I am compelled by my Christianity to refrain from any behaviors or judgments which arrogantly demean the dignity of another human being, or cause him or her to lose hope.”


“What can you believe when all the facts are in, all proven true, and all contradict one another?” J.R.Madaus


Not that I feel beliefs or beliefs systems to be factual in the literal sense. But all take the “word” handed down as fact and many do not look back to see how that word was delivered, written about, assembled, or often separated from other parts (that have since some to light). It’s not the “Word” or “Truth” that contradicts it’s ones interpretation and inability to allow another interpretation (and I believe there are forces that affect one’s interpretation…)


To be human is to be fallible and the potential to make mistakes in judgment or interpretations of what it to be kept versus what it tossed out. Which is why to hold on tightly to any one belief truly does not allow growth except it’s not the belief, it’s YOU not allowing the growth through it.


I’m Reiki level 2, I’ve studied the Mahabharata/Precession and Galactic Alignment/Mayan-Indian-Egyptian Cosmogenesis/Mu/Ancient secrets of the Flower of Life/Sacred Geometry/Nag Hammadi Library (lost gospels) as well as apocrypha /Angel therapy/Mythology/Philosophy, I’ve sat in a Cards of Destiny (Divination) workshop, Past life regression, sessions with psychics, quantum physics a new passion as well as astronomy and anything relating to the cosmos, I’ve read many of the creation myths, and belief systems’ doctrines, I’ve been to an Angel Therapy Practitioner, sat next to people who see angels, faeries, who believe in synchronicity and that the Universe [read God/Creator/Source/Spirit] truly is there you but need to ask.. then wait for the answer.


For it will come, but you better be ready with an open mind and open heart, you never know where the path will lead you. Many blessings on your journey, Om Mani Padme Hum!


******TO BE CONTINUED******

Love, Compassion and Grace.. Our New Beginning ~by me

Be loving and show what true beauty is

There is beauty in us all

It’s but up to us to do the dance of the heart

To awaken our spirit

Anger is destructive to any form of Grace

The beauty of Grace

The beauty of Love

Helps you see through the pain.. the dark

To heal, forgive, complete oneSelf

The old self but a fingerprint in time

As you move forward

To be free

To see you

To see me

This new beginning is as it’s to be.