“The potential for humanity lives inside every infant, but healthy development is an effort, not a given. If we do not shelter that spark, guide and nurture it, then we do not only lose the life within, but we unleash later destruction on ourselves” ~General Theory of Love, Thomas Lewis M.D., Fari Amini M.D., Richard Lannon M.D.


 “Throw away gadgets, discard expert opinions. Forget the toys to stimulate intelligence. Don’t buy devices to simulate what is real. Return to the real. Connect with your children heart to heart. Let them gaze at you, at trees, water, and sky. Let them feel their pain. Feel it with them. Touch them with your hands, and your heart. Let them bond with the living, breathing world. Let them feel their feelings and teach them their names. Return to the uncarved simplicity.” ~Tao of Motherhood, Vimala McClure

As a mother I love to just sit and let my little one be. I was relaxing on the floor with my weimaraner curled up close listening to music. Mars was finishing her snack…all of a sudden I hear her little voice singing along with the song.


Unsure of the words and in her own key, I looked up. She saw me and stopped. I started to sing and she joined but not as loud as before. I smiled, ducked away and was silent.


Soon after my little one started singing, louder more confident and catching most of the words, she has a beautiful voice and as her mother I know I’m biased ;)


When she wants me to sing her a song she lets me know, when she’s had enough she passes along the sentiment, when she needs help with the words or finding the right note…again she looks to me and I understand she’s asking.


For to find her voice it’s not about me telling her what to say and how, it’s her in all her unsure shakiness finding her voice within, building the confidence she can and if she needs a little encouragement or reflecting back, knowing I’m here…regardless.


We’re still on the mend here at my home, here’s to hoping you and yours are safe and well.


This is a bedtime song she and I co-wrote last fall {we also have a story that you have to pinch your nose while reading for the right effect}


Pillow pillow softly hold my head

Blanket blanket cozy in my bed

Mars-ee Mars-ee close your little eyes

Goodnight, sunlight

Hello starry skies.


[side note, Mars is a nickname. For her privacy her father and I have decided a nickname will suffice]