Yup, it’s true. My household is down with the sickness. I felt it coming on yesterday but pushed through the day with my usual steam and vigor, making blueberry muffins, laundry, tidying up as the cleaning lady would be here today, prepared the week’s lunches for my little girl and then we went grocery shopping. The moment I got back in my car after shopping I was like, “Oh no… I pushed myself too hard and will pay for this.” I came home, put the groceries away, took some ibuprofen and after bath and story time hit my bed at the same time as my little girl or shortly thereafter as I was folding clothes still. I awoke at 1 am with a little girl climbing over me (did I mention I put a breathe right strip on her before bed?) who could barely breathe and kept coughing but somehow did settle into a second slumber as I realized that my core body temp was continuing to rise. To make matters oh so much more pleasant my beloved dog, a 70lb weimaraner Bentley, decided that sleeping in his bed was too much and that he needed to be in between my daughter and I. Now, I have a California King so there is plenty of room but I was now wedged in my covers by a dog who wouldn’t budge.  This is how I spent my restless night until I finally made him go closer to the foot of the bed, which then allowed me the freedom to toss and turn.

Three am went, then 5 as I wondered if it was too early to call the cleaning lady and  let her know I was incapacitated. I decided I should wait until 7. As the clock crept closer to 6, I could feel my daughter stirring. No matter how she feels or when she goes to bed she has an internal alarm for around 6am, which is great during the work week, but weekend and sick days, it’s not so much fun. I told her maman wasn’t feeling so well so she went and got me water and rubbed my forehead.

I love this little girl so much! So we stayed home and I have to admit sick days only bring incessant thought when I’m not passed out and being passed out with a 3.5 year old doesn’t work. Yes, there were a few movies for which she loves too much as typically there is no T.V. during the week. But I was able to get a bit more shut eye as I started on what I call the 7 stages of sickness. You might recognize them as they also work for grief. But I realized I go through them when sick too.

  1. Denial-the no I am not sick sometimes can work if you catch the illness early. I’ve successfully staved off getting sick by sleeping well, drinking green tea and plenty of fruits and vegetables. But sometimes it’s during the moments of aches and pains that one realizes she is sick…but is still in denial.
  2. Guilt then sets in as I realize I wasn’t sleeping well as I have such a hard time getting to bed early as there just aren’t enough hours in the day to complete what I desire to do.  That combined with not eating as well as I can or taking care of my body to the best I know I should. Life is busy!
  3. Bargaining is a fun sort of one as I realize I do know what I shouldn’t do.. so I tell the God or the Universe things like “I promise I won’t eat as much ice cream or halibut fish and chips (er rosemary fries) from Burgerville or yes I’ll go to bed at 10 every night…if you just get me well so that I feel normal again.” Does this sound familiar? Lol, I do it everytime I get sick, I make bargains of what I will not do in the future if I can just feel well now.
  4. Reflection, on a day like today it was beautiful outside which makes it doubly difficult as I could see just what I was missing while lying on my couch.  I then think of what I could be doing if I felt 100%, if I felt like I could peel myself off my leather couch (side note, leather is very cooling for a fever) and enjoy the sunshine which graced us here in the Pacific Northwest. What I vow to do when I feel well again, not wasting anymore time and seize the day, the moment.
  5. Adjustment, okay…I’m sick and I’m not going to get out of this one, so I might as well just deal with it. I mobilize my usual suspects that help me get through: Tea, orange juice, pillow, tissue, comfy clothes (okay, okay jammies), throat drops, phone, and remote for the T.V.
  6. Working through it as I adjust, I realize this isn’t so bad, I’m taking care of myself. And next time…well there won’t be a next time as I’ll be so good to my body/my health, no bug will bring ME down!
  7. This brings Hope, today it came in the form of a smoothie and half an avacado I made after taking a much needed shower with my little girl after our nap. Feeling halfway normal albeit a little bit achy still… I made my way downstairs to start the day for the second time.

I was thinking I’d make chicken noodle soup for dinner but Mars beat me to the punch and got out veggies, almond milk and proceeded to make herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I wasn’t too hungry and realized making soup would be too much so decided a smoothie would fit the bill. Its full of berries, citrus and kale, all known as super foods. The foods that should comprise the mainstay of ones diet.  I remember reading in a local circular about Qui Gong philosophy which emphasizes that it’s not just about moving right/being active but also fueling the body holistically and that sometimes what we throw away is the very thing we should be including in our meal.  For citrus, and some other core fruits, it’s the peel, for other veggies it’s the greens attached or the seeds…but that’s a whole other topic :)

I’m including a recipe for the smoothie I made tonight but to be honest you can pretty much throw any fruits and veggies and come up with something tasty. Of note, if you’re trying to give your child a smoothie with kale or other leafy veggies, a tip is to add berries as they’ll cover up the green color. Fortunately, my daughter loves veggies, but when friends are over I’ve successfully served kale smoothies without the kids knowing just how healthy the beverage they delighted in was.

As the sunsets, I reflect that I may not be fully healthy yet, but I’m on my way. From my home to yours, be safe and be well.



Down with the Sickness Smoothie ;)

1/2 cup Orange juice

5 icecubes (if using frozen berries you can skip the ice)

2-3 leaves of kale chopped

Hand full of blue berries

Hand full of strawberries

1 slice of lemon peel and flesh, chopped as well as half the lemon squeezed for juice.

Hand full of mango (or slightly less)

1/2 banana

Smoothie prep

Put it all in the blender and pulse then liquify, pour in a glass and enjoy. You can use many different fruits or veggies, other variations can include kiwi, pear, cucumber, mint, spinach, pineapple, apple, black berries, ginger, watermelon or other melons, lime etc. You get the point :)

One Glass of Yummy Goodness!